7 More Women Say They Were Treated By Oregon Marching Band Staff, Organization Says | Local News


At least nine of the women have had a physical relationship with Henzie-Skogen at some point, with several of the relationships overlapping, Compton-Allen said. In one case, Henzie-Skogen started sending private messages to a student when she was just 14, Compton-Allen said.

“The stories I hear and the screenshots I see are disgusting, and absolutely outside the bounds of ethical behavior between a teacher and a student or even a teacher and a former student, and outside our code of conduct at Shadow, ”Compton-Allen mentioned.

The Shadow Drum & Bugle Corps initially did not disclose the reason for Henzie-Skogen’s removal, as the first allegation involved only one student, who said she was 18 when the inappropriate comments and physical relationship began, McGlauchlen said, noting that there was no indication a crime had been committed.

“When we had the conversation with (Henzie-Skogen) in May, when we parted ways with him, I specifically asked, ‘Are there any others who are going to come forward like this? ‘ And he categorically said no, “McGlauchlen said. “We really believed what he was saying.”

But two other women came forward in early October saying they had been prepared, prompting the body to go public with the aim of preventing further abuse and encouraging others to come forward, said Compton-Allen.

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