Another meeting? Looks like Robel Garcia is returning to the Cubs organization

One of the best stories of the past few years has been service man/slugger Robel Garcia’s rise from the Italian national team (seriously) to the Cubs’ minor leaguers, quickly all the way to Double-A and then Triple- A, and eventually the big league team. He got just 80 big league appearances for the Cubs this 2019 season, and he hit a funky .208/.275/.500 (92 wRC+) thanks to an ISO of .292 and a K-rate of 43.8%. He was the original Patrick Wisdom, but for a much shorter period of time and with a wilder history.

From there, Garcia ended up being let go by the Cubs, and he played the 2021 season in the Astros system. Unfortunately, he just didn’t hit it with the big league team or their Triple-A affiliate, and he was back there looking for a job.

Based on an edit to his Instagram account today, it looks like he’s reunited with the Cubs:

Garcia, now 28, can play in different places and his power is exceptional. Contact issues have obviously been pronounced, and there’s not necessarily much hope for it to improve. But with how hard he’s worked in his career, you absolutely wouldn’t want to rule out an improvement, especially if the cost is just a minor league deal to see what happens. That is, you can assume it’s a minor league deal.

We’ll see if that really happens, and go from there. It could be the second meeting of the day, after the return of Jesse Chavez.

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