Beginning of the indefinite strike of the workers of the Corporation

With the indefinite strike announced by CITU-affiliated conservation workers and other unions beginning here on Monday, trash has remained uncleared in all 100 neighborhoods across the city. The dumpsters were overflowing.

Unions led by CITU General Secretary Balasubramanian met in Melavasal near Periyar bus station. Demanding that the Corporation and the Tamil Nadu government implement their demands of 28 charters, the workers said they had given enough time to the administration. “The attitude of Company officials was so nonchalant that they did not implement an HC Bench order issued in April,” he added.

The demonstrators erected a huge pandal in Melavasal and declared that it would be the site of a relay strike until all their demands were met by the Corporation.

Meeting with the mayor

Inviting the union leaders, Mayor Indrani Ponvasanth held talks at Anna Maaligai, the headquarters of the Corporation. The marathon talks remained inconclusive as union leaders wanted firm assurance that their demands would be implemented, officials who were part of the meeting said. The Hindu.

The mayor, according to officials, listened to the demands of the workers and promised to discuss them with the government. “Everything that is possible with the Society, it has promised to do gradually. As for the financial commitments, she informed that the approval of the government was essential. Therefore, she asked them to call off the commotion and join in the duty.

However, union leaders said they would meet again on Tuesday and wanted the mayor to give them a favorable response.

AIADMK review

AIADMK councilors criticized the mayor for not responding to requests from health workers. Coming to power by making false promises would not work for long, they said the DMK government was exposed and Madurai Corporation had lost its luster.

AIADMK members also criticized the absence of Deputy Mayor T Nagarajan from CPI(M). His presence at the meeting would have had a positive impact because the union leaders were affiliated with the CITU.

The city’s environmental activists have urged the city administration to consider alternatives and immediately clean up the trash. On average, conservation workers lifted about 700 tons of trash from the 100 neighborhoods. With Sunday being a public holiday, garbage remained in the bins of many neighborhoods.

Officials said the deputy mayor was absent in Tiruchi.

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