Biden ready to cede US sovereignty to World Health Organization

LLast week, delegates from 194 countries gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, to attend the 75th World Health Assembly. These meetings are usually dry, technocratic events. But this year, delegates had something important to discuss: an international pandemic treaty linked to a digital passport system. It will take another two years before the terms of this treaty are finalized. But the idea is to transfer governmental authority now reserved for sovereign states to the World Health Organization (who) in future disease outbreaks.

The first draft of this proposed pandemic treaty is expected to be completed in August. Yet the United States has already recommended changing the existing International Health Regulations to improve data sharing among World Health Organization member states. Such data sharing is a necessary step on the way to creating a digital passport system for vaccines that can be used in all 194 countries of the world. who.

Amendments to the US Constitution must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate and then ratified by three-fourths of the states. However, the amendments to who treaties do not need to be approved by anyone other than the President of the United States. These types of treaties steal sovereignty from the American people and give it to a cabal of United Nations technocrats.

“The Biden administration is making amendments that have been proposed for all nations on Earth to cede sovereignty over their national health care decisions to the whosaid American politician Michele Bachmann to Steve Bannon on his Crisis unit podcast. “It means that the who would have the power of decision to intervene in the politics of the government of the United States and any nation in the world without our permission.

At the moment, there are no binding obligations on the table. The who would have the power to declare a public health emergency of international concern, without the consent of the government concerned. But he would not get the power to implement any of his recommendations.

But UN technocrats seem fairly confident that some of the more concerning changes will go ahead. They have already chosen T-Systems International GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, to develop validation services that confirm the authenticity of covid certificates. So the UN wants Germany to run a digital passport system with the ability to track the vaccination status of people in 194 different countries, and the Biden administration wants America to be one of those nations. This is a potential civil liberties nightmare.

Many analysts have pointed out that digital passports have the potential to become something a lot like a Chinese-style social credit system. In China, the government assigns citizens a “reliability” score based on data collected through mass surveillance. Suppose a Chinese citizen posts a political message online without permission, questions a government decision, or refuses a mandatory vaccine. His reliability score would drop and the police could show up at his door. A passport system like the one T-Systems is developing for the UN would have the ability to track individual behavior in the same way.

The new changes could be the start of a shift of power to global bodies. Or they can go nowhere. But the rise of these systems and ideas is important to watch in light of a biblical prophecy about a tyrannical end-time government that forbids people from buying or selling unless they receive the mark of beast (Revelation 13:16-17). Vaccine passports are not that mark of the beast, which has existed since ancient times. Yet vaccine passports are a technological tool authoritarian governments can use to punish those who refuse the mark.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong explained in his booklet Who or what is the prophetic beast? that the mark of the beast is associated with the religion of the Roman Empire, namely Sunday worship. “The Roman Church caused people to receive the mark of pagan Rome – the Sunday observed by the pagan Roman Empire – and the penalty for disobedience was death!” he wrote. “Fifty million or more were put to death, so the story goes.”

Other scriptures show that there will be a revival of the 10-nation Roman Empire in Europe (Revelation 17:12-13). It is therefore significant that Germany and the European Union are spearheading the UN campaign for digital passports. Currently, no one is talking about digital validation services to find out if someone is going to church, but the same technology used to determine whether or not you have been vaccinated could easily be modified to track church attendance on Sundays. as part of a person’s social credit score. This means that a modern Holy Roman Empire will have a technological capacity for tyranny that ancient Roman emperors could only dream of.

President Donald Trump has officially decided to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization for a reason; the fact that Biden wants to start ceding US sovereignty to this entity should be concerning.

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