‘Their lives are in danger’ Organization relocating Afghan refugees to ND describes process

NORTH DAKOTA (KVRR) – Forty-nine Afghan refugees are expected to arrive in North Dakota as part of the federal government’s Afghan placement and assistance program.

“It is in the interest of our national security. We have allies who have worked with our troops for 20 years in Afghanistan and now they are under threat. Their lives are in danger, ”said Dan Hannaher, field director for the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service in North Dakota.

The association helps relocate refugees to North Dakota. The organization says most of the 49 Afghans come to Fargo unless they have family elsewhere in the state.

Many wonder if the refugees will be properly vetted since the Afghan government fell to the Taliban in August.

“These concerns are unfounded. These refugees have suffered extreme trauma and they are in a process where they will be vetted by the FBI, Homeland Security, Customs and the Border Patrol. They go through, I believe, eight security checks. They go through health exams, ”Hannaher said.

This includes testing for tuberculosis and vaccinations against Covid-19 and measles, among others.

Last month, North Dakota Refugee Coordinator Holly Triska-Dally said the state has no plans to resettle Afghans here.

At the time, Governor Doug Burgum’s Director of Communications Mike Nowatzki said, “This administration takes the duty to protect the security and prosperity of the citizens of North Dakota very seriously. North Dakota is involved in the resettlement of legal and carefully screened refugees and has successfully integrated refugees who have become responsible citizens and members of the workforce.

Hannaher says refugees will be given social security numbers so they can work.

“I hear employers every week looking for refugees because they know the quality of these populations. They have excellent records from decades of working with a number of employers here, ”explained Hanniher.

According to Job Service North Dakota, there are at least 10,000 positions open in Fargo.

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Dell Study Finds Most Organizations Don’t Think They Can Recover From Ransomware Attack

Sixty-seven percent are unconfident in their ability to recover business-critical data, which is troubling given that the amount of data managed by businesses has grown more than 10-fold since 2016.

Image: Getty Images / iStockphoto

Dell’s conclusions from its annual Global Data Protection Index (GDPI) for 2021 should serve as a warning to all members of the data security community: Emerging technologies and ransomware are making it harder to secure data, and the problem will only get worse. overtime.

Dell surveyed 1,000 IT decision makers around the world for its GDPI 2021, who largely agreed (82%) that their existing data protection measures will not be able to meet all of the future needs of the business. business. Citing the fact that 30% reported data loss in the past year and 45% experienced unplanned downtime during the same period, Dell said the concerns expressed by IT managers are valid.

SEE: How to Manage Passwords: Best Practices and Security Tips (Free PDF) (TechRepublic)

Add the fact that Dell discovered that an average organization manages 10 times more data than in 2016 (14.6 petabytes in 2021 versus 1.45 petabytes in 2016) and you’ve got a perfect data security storm that could threaten to overwhelm organizations and the IT teams that support them.

In addition to the aforementioned statistics, Dell also said that 62% of GDPI respondents were concerned that their existing data protection measures were insufficient to deal with existing malware and ransomware threats.

Seventy-four percent said their attack surface increased with the work-home trips brought on by the pandemic, and 63% said emerging technologies such as cloud-native applications, containers and ML are increasing. data protection risks. These two statistics, unfortunately, only feed each other: Investments in emerging technologies have exploded thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of these fears could, theoretically, lead to improved data security, but survey respondents are throwing a blanket over this fire: 67% fear they will not be able to recover data lost due to a cyber attack or attack. ‘a ransomware infection.

Is Data Security as a Service the Next Big Innovation?

“While ransomware attacks can be devastating for people and businesses, accepting defeat as inevitable is not the solution,” said Jeff Boudreau, president and CEO of the Infrastructure Solutions group at Dell.

SEE: Security incident response policy (TechRepublic Premium)

With that in mind, Dell has included announcing three new elements designed to help improve data security:

  • Transparent snapshots in Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager “Simplify and Automate Virtual Machine Image Level Backups.” Dell said Transparent Snapshots can provide up to five times faster backups and five times reduction in virtual machine latency.
  • Smart Scale for Dell EMC PowerProtect Appliances enables enterprises to “configure multiple appliances in a single pool, giving them the ability to see and manage large data sets in a single entity, up to 32 PowerProtect appliances and more than three exabytes of logical capacity.”
  • Dell Managed Services for Cyber ​​Recovery is a new managed service that “reduces the risk of data loss by letting Dell experts manage day-to-day cyber recovery vault operations and support recovery activities.”

Transparent Snapshots will be available worldwide this quarter and are free to customers with existing maintenance contracts. Smart Scale is now in preview with general availability expected in the first half of 2022, and the new Managed Recovery Services solution is available now.

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McLean teenager donates over $ 25,000 to mental health organization | Good vibes

Kozmo Rhyu raised funds for FCCGW through fencing

McLean’s 16-year-old Kozmo Rhyu has been practicing fencing for years – and it’s something he plans to pursue beyond his high school career. What Rhyu didn’t know was that his fencing would bring in over $ 25,000 to the Family Counseling Center of Greater Washington (FCCGW).

It only took a few months for Rhyu to raise funds – he got the idea for this fundraising opportunity in October 2020 and started the process in March 2021. He presented the donation to FCCGW on September 7th. .

Rhyu first came up with the idea of ​​fundraising because he had heard that mental health organizations were suffering financially from the COVID-19 pandemic.

FCCGW is a non-profit organization serving those in the DMV area to improve mental health services by providing counseling and awareness services, according to the organization’s website.

He chose FCCGW to donate their fundraising efforts not only because of their mental health services, but because they do so much for the Korean American community in particular.

“I, too, as an American Korean, I know that in the Korean community in particular, mental health has always been a stigmatized issue,” said Rhyu. “So you know, basically, by combining those two things together, I thought, why not start a fundraiser for the Family Counseling Center of Greater Washington… so it’s kind of like the perfect time and I found the perfect organization for that. “

Cindy Han, President of the Board of Directors of the FCCGW, recalled that mental health is a stigmatized problem in the Asian American community. “What we’re trying to do is hopefully one day eradicate this stigma [so] people who need help can ask for help through activities and places that can help them, ”she said.

Han also noted that the organization is delighted to receive the donation, adding that “every penny” of Rhyu’s donation will help those who cannot afford the services – or those who may experience other treatment issues due to the language barriers.

Rhyu said all the donations he collected came from third parties.

“I’ve contacted over 100 – you know, basically anybody that I could contact friends, family, friends, you know, from my fencing life, from my school life, from other extracurricular activities, ”he said. “Basically, I reached out to everyone I could, and sent them a pledge form, basically asking people to pledge a certain amount of money per point that I score in fencing competitions. ”

Essentially, Rhyu requested that individuals donate per point he scored – so if he scored a point, they could donate 10 cents for each point, he used as an example.

He said he had one goal in mind when he started fundraising – he just had no idea he would raise as much money as he finally did.

“I had no idea how successful the fundraiser would be. So I started with the goal of $ 10,000. But about halfway through – after a few months of fundraising, I realized that fundraising had the potential to raise more than that, so I kind of pushed it to $ 25,000. And I was able to achieve this goal, ”said Rhyu.

After people found out about the fundraiser and interest was generated, Rhyu said he didn’t have much of a problem receiving donations.

“When I first came up with the idea in October, I couldn’t really imagine giving the check back to the organization,” he said. “It was really, really satisfying when I did it because the organization was so happy that someone in high school really thinks about their organization and the Korean community and goes out of their way to do it. So it was very satisfying, it was a very satisfying time.

Rhyu has experience with other sports and extracurricular activities, but fencing is his real passion. He’s a student at St. Albans School, a private school in Washington, DC, so most of his time is spent between homework and fencing. When he can, he tries to rest.

Han explained that she is delighted to keep in touch with Rhyu over the years, as she is impressed with his spirit of wanting to help others. “What an example he can set – which he sets – for young people in our country, in our neighborhood, in our state and in our county,” she said.

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1,200 Afghans evacuated to Missouri; local organizations prepare for arrival | Local

A first group of 1,200 evacuated Afghans will soon be resettling in Missouri, with the middle of Missouri to receive its fair share in the months to come.

US State Department data recently obtained by the Associated Press described how the first group of Afghan evacuees will be resettled across the United States after the astonishing Taliban takeover on August 15 in Afghanistan. Missouri is in the top 10 in terms of states receiving Afghan evacuees, behind a list including California, Michigan and Maryland.

While the lion’s share of evacuees will likely relocate to urban centers like Kansas City or St. Louis, local organizations are also preparing to relocate some evacuees.

Dan Lester, executive director of Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri, said the organization has the capacity to resettle 300 evacuees in the area.

He pointed out that the exact number of people and when they will arrive in mid-Missouri are still uncertain, and the total could end up being more or less than that original figure.

“It’s a lot to hurry and wait right now,” Lester said. “We’re ready.… It’s just a matter of when and how many will actually arrive.”

Lester said the organization had already received a confirmation request for a family of nine from Afghanistan. Confirmation requests are advance notices that a person or family has been treated and will soon be ready for relocation. Lester said Catholic Charities hopes this family will be resettled by the end of the month.

Catholic Charities, the only refugee resettlement agency in the area, worked with community groups to co-sponsor the refugees, meeting with members of the small Afghan community in Missouri and coordinating the efforts of volunteers.

City of Refuge, an organization that provides certain services to refugees after resettlement, has also prepared for the arrival of refugees and has worked to prepare existing services for use by all Afghans who have arrived in the region.

“We are incredibly excited and can’t wait to get down to business,” Lester said of the new Afghan evacuees. “Once we see them successfully move into their new homes, you can kind of let go (you held back).”

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Businesses and organizations continue to hire new employees

WICHITA, Kansas (KWCH) – Businesses and organizations in south-central Kansas continue to hire new employees.

“There are a lot of opportunities out there right now. For a company looking (for employees), I know it’s a struggle. You need to do everything you can to raise your profile, ”said Keith Lawing, President and CEO of the Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas.

On the website, as of today, there are 61,957 job postings and 23,464 active resumes. As of July 1, 2020, there were 29,563 vacancies and 6,906 resumes posted on

“We are in a much better situation than a year ago. Our unemployment rate has dropped dramatically. We have more people working. I think the real key is when you look at the employment numbers, a year ago we have about 10 to 12,000 more workers in the workforce now, than in the summer of 2020, ”he said. said Lawing.

According to the Workforce Alliance, which serves the 10-county region of Wichita / Sedgwick County, as of August 2020, there were 356,909 employees and 37,376 unemployed, for an unemployment rate of 9.5%. At the latest data from July 2021, there were 371,463 employees and 23,323 unemployed, for an unemployment rate of 5.9%.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Kansas’ unemployment rate peaked in April 2020, just below 13%.

“The challenge is really to match the opportunities with what people want to do. I think employers are doing all they can. They are increasing wages. They sign bonuses, ”Lawing said.

The Workforce Alliance currently has over $ 2 million available for job seekers who wish to enroll in job training programs. Currently, more than 700 people are active in classes or programs. Funding is available for short-term and targeted training programs to achieve certifications for Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), CNC Machinist, Network Administrators, Welders, Nursing and Registered Apprenticeship.

To find out more about opportunities for job seekers, click here

Wichita Workforce Center Multi-Employer Virtual Career Fair – September 23

Thursday September 23, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

KANSASWORKS Statewide Virtual Career Fair – September 29-30

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 8:00 a.m. to Thursday, September 30, 2021 5:00 p.m.

Over 130 employers participate with hundreds of open positions.

Copyright 2021 KWCH. All rights reserved.

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Local organization launches website to help Pennsylvanians find the workforce

CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – As federal pandemic unemployment benefits expired on September 4, a local organization, Workforce Solutions for Northcentral Pa, recently launched a website aimed at helping area residents of the center-north to find the job market.

The website, titled, was first launched two weeks ago and allows people in the Clearfield, Jefferson, Elk and Cameron County area to find available jobs in the area. It also serves those in Potter and McKean counties. The site showcases several industries that are hiring, including advanced manufacturing, building and construction, and energy fields, the requirements for these career fields, and the potential jobs and salaries available in these industries.

Workforce Solutions works in conjunction with the Pennsylvania CareerLink offices. Once a person finds the career path they want to apply for, they follow a link to see which employers are hiring for those jobs in the area.

“On the site, people will be directed to the Pa Careerlink site where they can search for available jobs, as well as connect with staff at these centers,” said Pam Streich, executive director of Workforce Solutions for Northcentral Pa. something to make sure people know about the jobs in our area.

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate fell to 6.6% during the month of July, according to the Department of Labor and Industry, and as Workforce Solutions continues to work with residents to reduce that number, Streich has stated that they would continue to develop the site to make it as suitable as possible. the needs of job seekers

“We hope to improve the site as we move forward with it. Put updated data on the job. But for now, we’re just waiting to see what the results will be, ”Streich said.

The Workforce solution will also distribute rack cards that offer more information about the services they offer. This information is available at local Pennsylvania CareerLink offices, as well as local chambers of commerce in the North Central region.

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