Chandigarh Municipal Corporation launches ‘Swachhta Ki Paathshala’ : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, July 12

The Municipal Corporation today launched “Swachhta Ki Paathshala”, an awareness campaign, for schools in the city.

Anindita Mitra, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, launched the campaign at Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 16.

The MC launched this outreach program with the goal of instilling in young minds the importance of sustainable waste management and environmental preservation, as well as reaching out to parents and other adult members of the community. family through the children to make them aware of good practices.

The commissioner said that in all schools, including private schools, students would be approached about curriculum-related topics at the July 6-12 assembly. This way, the MC would be able to reach almost every household in Chandigarh, the commissioner said.

At the Government Model School, Sector 16, school children received lessons in sorting waste at source, banning single-use plastic and home composting, etc. Interactive sessions, video demonstrations and a quiz were organised.

The commissioner said that there are several problems related to hygiene in the slums due to the non-segregation of garbage. Thus, sanitation awareness was the need of the hour and children were the best Swachhta agents for this program. Also, adults were influenced when children taught them good health habits, she added.

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