Chennai Corporation steps up efforts to promote source separation of waste

Civic body introduces new anthem encouraging residents to separate trash

Civic body introduces new anthem encouraging residents to separate trash

The Greater Chennai Corporation has launched a new anthem for solid waste management to promote source separation, prevent illegal dumping of waste and improve residents’ participation in the maintenance of the city.

As the anthem was flown through various residential neighborhoods on Saturday, the civic body launched various initiatives for source separation of waste. The lyrics emphasize the need for residents to take responsibility for separating their trash before handing it over to battery-powered vehicles.

Distributed rewards

Mayor R. Priya called on residents to participate in solid waste management initiatives to make the city litter-free and free of open defecation. She distributed rewards to participants of the “popular movement for clean cities”.

No fewer than 130 representatives, including those from resident welfare associations, trade associations, NGOs, volunteers, conservation workers, hospitals, schools, colleges, government offices , hotels and markets, received awards.

Twelve Resident Welfare Associations, which have implemented in-house composting and other innovative measures for solid waste management, were invited to raise awareness of best practices in solid waste management.

Sixty conservation workers received awards for their contribution to best practices in solid waste management. Seven hospitals, seven hotels, two government offices and a market were awarded.

Chief Engineer N. Mahesan said the civic body has planned various initiatives to increase source segregation to over 75%. The Society launched the “People’s Movement for a Clean City” campaign to improve waste management, improve public toilets and prevent open defecation, he said.

The state government has developed guidelines and standard operating procedures for the special solid waste management campaign through the cooperation of more than 20 lakh households and two lakh commercial buildings in the city.

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