Court dismisses action over $ 300 million Abacha loot

Judge Inyang Ekwo of the Abuja Federal High Court has dismissed a complaint against the Federation’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice over spending control of the $ 300 million recovered from the late former head of the State, the late General Sani Abacha. .

The lawsuit brought by the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Center and Issa Shuaib was dismissed by the court on the grounds that it had become time-barred when it was filed, that the three plaintiffs did not establish their legal entity and presented documents of no value in support of the prosecution.

Judge Ekwo, when rendering his judgment in the case, held that all public documents presented by the plaintiffs were of no value because they violated sections 102, 103, 104 and 105 of the 2011 Evidence Act. .

The judge found that the plaintiffs had failed to certify the public documents as required by law and that failure to certify them was fatal to the case as they had become inadmissible in law.

Judge Ekwo said the documents were of no value as they could not be attributed any probative value and struck them from the court records.

The federal government announced in 2020, during the repatriation of the $ 300 million to Nigeria from the United Kingdom, that the money would be used to finance the completion of the second bridge over the Niger, the Abuja – Kano dualisation and the Lagos – Ibadan highway.

The judge rejected all public documents produced by the plaintiffs to establish the case because they were not certified as required by law.

Judge Ekwo also found that the plaintiffs had failed to establish that they were legally registered as required by law.

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