Cousin of nonprofit Elias Paez reacts to recent arrest of 24-year-old Trevon Bishop

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) – On Thursday afternoon, Trevon Bishop, 24, posted bond after being arrested Wednesday night for negligence in the death of his 19-month-old son, Elias Paez, a felony level five.

Daisy Cardenas, Paez’s cousin, says the accusation is a slap on the wrist and Bishop should face further charges.

“We just want justice and justice to hold someone or people accountable for Elias’ death,” Cardenas said.

Bishop’s arrest on Wednesday came after police issued a warrant on April 8.

Cardenas says she is not giving up hope and that seeking justice has paid off.

“We’re going to see it through to the end, so we’re all in it together,” Cardenas said.

The president of the non-profit organization CAPPA, which stands for Child Abuse Prevention Protection Advocacy, Katelyn Gustin, agrees.

“I think that played a huge role. They don’t want to let go, we don’t want to let go. I mean we’ll stick with them through it all. We will go to court with them, we will be everything they need,” Gustin said.

As Cardenas and Gustin seek justice, they both told ABC21 they don’t want this case swept under the rug.

“It’s almost like a slap in the face for the family, but at the same time they’re happy that at least something is being done. He’s going to be held accountable in some way,” Gustin said.

“He doesn’t know what got into us. He doesn’t know the pain and hurt he caused everyone in the family and friends.

“He was such a wonderful baby, he smiled all the time, those who got to see him in life always remember him with a smile,” Cardenas said.

A first hearing for Bishop is set for April 18.

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