Crypto Island, the world’s first project to buy and


NASSAU, Bahamas, October 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Crypto Island, a blockchain-based project driven by its community, offers investors and crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to co-own the first decentralized private, community-owned island in the world.

Crypto Island’s highly anticipated incorporation went official this week, as their new legal structure is about to launch. In detail, Crypto Island will form a legally independent entity on behalf of Crypto Island Group Incorporated. This entity will operate as a token issuer in a very complex corporate structure that has been put in place to make the tokenization of island ownership possible.

With this corporate structure, Crypto Island is the first project to have a structure in place to really use a working means of real estate tokenization. With this incorporation, Crypto Island takes one more step towards achieving its goal of acquiring the first decentralized private island.

Dan Bouwer, one of the founders and current CEO of Crypto Island, is very excited about the acceptance and is certain that it will take this concept of a cryptocurrency-based community to the next level.

“Extremely proud to report that we have succeeded in finding a way to make decentralized living possible! With this, we will be recognized globally as an official company and the first to legally make symbolic ownership of land and property legally possible. “

As this project is moving forward at an incredible pace, this achievement is something the team is used to. In just 8 weeks, Crypto Island has done an amazing job and with this incorporation they have raised the bar once again. Like any pioneering project in this space, Crypto Island is feeling the heat of its competitors and seeing a sharp increase in impostor projects. The team sees it as a compliment and a necessary step in their journey to the first island.

Danny Bouwer
Crypto Island Group Inc.
[email protected]

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