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Tech Innovation Global Incorporated Services and Services $ 20 million round table

VASANT KUNJ, India, 23 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Designistic’s media company, Mr. Vishal Kalra in collaboration with Tech Innovation Global Incorporated a new platform for technology initiatives, stories and profiles of entrepreneurs, business leaders, services and products ranging from united states of america in the whole world. Companies can also actively invest in initiatives across countries. Designistic is an IT start-up with performance measurement and paths for new thresholds of opportunities allocated and organized by Brand Opus India, to share capital. Several investors and organizations, online forums generate market share. Businesses include many service sectors. Tech Innovation Global Inc. and Seerletics combine social media and big data analytics to help you personalize your plans. Data analysis from Tech Innovation Global Incorporated‘s platform and services has reopened America during COVID-19. Technology Innovation Global Inc. announced a $ 20 million round of funding and details will be in International Media, The Top Talk, a series of entrepreneurs, business leaders, services and products and organizations. Data analysis of Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s platform and services includes:

  1. Connect globally

  2. Data analysis

  3. Seerletics fitness app

  4. GenConnect

  5. Advisers

  6. Health

  7. COVID-19 Council

From workforce solutions to vacancies, you can download new product lines and more with Magazine and Global B2B. Designer collaborates with several companies in the world market.

You can connect to or call 1-888-214-1033. WOSB Alicia Carroll Consultant W. Culver
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Social media tops the list

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Business technology initiatives during 2021 to 2031 (10 years), you can also pay and go to for products, applications and services. For more information, visit Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, 600 Boulevard Ste 104, Huntsville Alabama 35802. ©2019 – 2021. All rights reserved.


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