F45 partners with the world’s leading physical education organization, International Sports Science Association, to offer franchisees and staff preferred rates

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–F45 Training Holdings Inc. (“F45” or the “Company”) (NYSE: FXLV), the world’s fastest growing fitness franchisor according to Entrepreneurtoday announced its partnership with the International Sports Science Association (ISSA), a global education and certification company for personal trainers and fitness trainers, to offer F45 franchisees and staff preferential rates, which will facilitate the hiring of F45 studios. quality trainers.

In addition, F45 has signed an agreement with Onfit Training College, which offers personal training certification specific to the Australian market. The agreement will provide preferential pricing to franchisees and staff in Australia seeking personal trainer certification and health and fitness accreditations.

“We are delighted to offer our franchisees and staff preferential rates through the ISSA partnership in the United States and the Onfit agreement in Australia. Having certified personal trainers is vital to our business and the success of F45 franchisees, and the lower certification costs from reputable organizations will allow individuals to become personal trainers at a more accessible price – making it easier for franchisees to stay present and future. staffed gyms,” said Adam J. Gilchrist, President, CEO and President of F45. “As we continue to grow, we recognize the need to find solutions to staff our sites, and we look forward to seeing how these partnerships will benefit our business as we continue to grow.”

ISSA is a global leader and pioneer in the physical education industry that operates in over 170 countries and has educated over 475,000 students. Preferred rates will be available for many courses, including personal trainer certification, continuing education courses, and specializations. Discounted rates on ISSA courses will provide significant savings on high-quality training for franchisees and trainers, allowing them to scale faster and more efficiently.

Through this partnership, ISSA will also add CVs of certified personal trainer graduates seeking employment to F45, Academy’s internal bulletin board. In an effort to develop the next generation of certified personal trainers, ISSA has also agreed to provide full scholarships for 20 personal trainer certifications at each of approximately 35 colleges that currently have an F45 gymnasium on campus.

“We have certified many highly qualified F45 trainers to date, and we know this partnership will increase access to top-rated certifications so the company can continue to provide high-quality training to its members,” said Andrew Wyant, CEO of ISSA. “We believe that promoting a healthier world starts with providing opportunities for people who are motivated by fitness, and we’re proud to play a small part in expanding F45’s roster of certified personal trainers.”

“We are delighted to partner with F45 to ensure their trainers provide Australian members with accurate, high quality training every time they train,” said Don Bacchi, Owner and Director of Onfit Training College. Discounted rates for Onfit classes will save franchisees and trainers nearly 30%.

About F45

F45 provides consumers with 45-minute functional workouts that are effective, fun, and community-driven. F45 uses proprietary technologies: a fitness programming algorithm and patented technology delivery platform that leverages a rich content database of over 8,000 unique functional training movements across modalities to deliver new workouts every day and provide a standardized experience across the company’s global footprint.

For more information, visit www.f45training.com.

About the International Association of Sports Science

ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) was founded in 1988 by a team of fitness experts and exercise scientists. ISSA has educated over 475,000 students and coaches in over 170 countries and is now recognized as the world leader in fitness education and certification. ISSA brings healthy lives to everyone around the world through education and community and acts as an educational institution for personal trainers, athletic trainers, coaches, physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and professionals in all areas of health care. ISSA brings healthy lives to everyone around the world through education and community: www.ISSAonline.com.

About Onfit Training College

Onfit Training College is a registered Australian training organization (ID 32107), offering qualifications and courses for health and fitness careers. Onfit Training College was founded in 2008 by Don & Rhonda Bacchi, who have applied their 50+ years of experience and unparalleled passion for health and fitness to the education sector. As a pioneer in online education, Onfit Training College specializes in delivering and supporting quality online courses. Understanding the ever-changing health and fitness landscape, Onfit Training College has built a reputation for ensuring graduates have the skills and knowledge to be well-rounded fitness professionals, prepared for the long-term success: www.onfit.edu.au

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