FEV expands its development capabilities with the launch of smart mobility software brand FEV.io

The vehicles of tomorrow will be integrated into the digital lives of their users. Software-driven areas such as ADAS/ADS, infotainment, and connected features will be key differentiators in user experience. “We have been supporting our customers in the successful development of smart mobility solutions for many years, and we see the FEV.io brand as a way to significantly extend the value we provide in this space,” said Professor Stefan Pischinger, President and CEO of FEV Group. “This ranges from design and industrialization to the provision of frameworks and tools.”

Software upgrades and a constant flow of data between vehicles, infrastructure, people and the cloud backend have a significant impact on how modern vehicles are developed today due to their complexity. As such, they also have a direct impact on customer needs and the pace of development. “Our scenario and model-based systems engineering methodologies provide a unique advantage and help us master even the most sophisticated system complexity,” said Dr. Thomas Hülshorst, group vice president of Intelligent Mobility & Software. at FEV. This approach enables the company to bridge the gap between vehicle and ICT (information and communications technology) and deliver cutting-edge connected solutions with an end-to-end view of data pipelines from vehicle to backend.

The structure of FEV.io allows it to guarantee an agile and quickly adaptable work model for its customers around the world. Therefore, FEV.io is globally presented as a brand in local organizations and further established as a agile legal entity FEV.io GmbH near the German FEV headquarters in Aachen. If a customer also needs help with the development of an energy and mobility system – or even a complete vehicle – the newly founded brand will work closely with FEV Group to offer all the solutions.” from a single source” at more than 40 locations worldwide.

Additionally, FEV.io will continuously strengthen its expertise with input from the consumer electronics, cloud, and automotive industries; and collaborating in IT with market leaders such as Wipro.

Smart mobility – FEV.io’s range of services:

Systems Engineering allows FEV.io to describe digital representations of real systems for its customers in a model-based way. Based on this, dependencies are identified and test cases are derived, enabling cost effective and fast product cycles.

Functional Safety and Cybersecurity is organized in accordance with all industry standards for connected, automated and electrified vehicles. FEV.io accompanies and guides customers in all stages of development.

Connected mobility will provide a unique user experience in the future. Making vehicle data available and connected will help make mobility much safer and more convenient. FEV.io develops corresponding ecosystems where cross-domain competence is crucial.

ADAS/ADS interact with all areas of the vehicle, such as steering, brakes, powertrain and infotainment. At the same time, they also interact with smart infrastructure and digital maps. FEV.io supports its clients in mastering this complexity.

Infotainment: A seamless and holistic human-machine interface (HMI) is a key differentiator for today’s vehicles. Therefore, the development of advanced display solutions and creative interaction technologies is one of the most important areas of innovation. These systems should enable convenient and efficient communication between passengers and the vehicle while ensuring vehicle safety. FEV.io verifies the efficiency of development and integration throughout the vehicle.

SW and EE platforms: Buyers are increasingly opting for a vehicle that is online, seamlessly connects to the user’s digital world, and provides a premium digital experience. To achieve this, hundreds of millions of lines of code, computers and electronic components must be integrated into scalable platforms. This is where FEV.io provides robust, high-quality solutions through its cross-domain system expertise and global presence.

SW and EE integration: Future vehicles will have expanded functions for assisted and automated driving, made possible by connectivity and an increasing proportion of complex software and algorithms. More functionality means, above all, more complexity and responsibility. Automotive software must be able to be maintained, updated and diagnosed within the context of SW and EE integration. FEV.io enables this while integrating it into a powerful and reliable E/E architecture.

FEV.io offers its customers high-performance solutions for smart, safe and sustainable mobility. Source: FEV Group

About FEV1

FEV is a world leader in engineering and digital mobility. Together with our customers, we are shaping the future of the mobility industry for sustainable, carbon-neutral, efficient, connected and safe transport. With our deep expertise, we provide customers and society with industry-leading solutions for the highest mobility value and the most advanced A-to-B transportation experience.

Our expertise includes the development of smart software and sustainable propulsion systems, as well as complete vehicle engineering. Additionally, our range of services includes engineering of sophisticated systems, development of cyber-physical systems, software integration and E/E for software-defined vehicles with highly automated and safe driving features as well as the vehicle integration. FEV’s engineering capabilities span the entire mobility ecosystem, including all road applications as well as rail, marine, aerospace, agricultural, construction, mining and industrial applications. Moreover, we transfer our elaborate know-how and innovations to adjacent markets, such as the energy sector, to provide the best industrial solutions.

The FEV Group currently employs 6,500 highly qualified specialists in customer-oriented development centers at more than 40 locations on five continents.

SOURCE FEV North America

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