How 0x4447’s Rsyslog Server can reduce centralized logging costs in your AWS organization.

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0x4447’s solution for collecting and storing logs in the AWS organization is more efficient and can help organizations save money on their AWS bill. It also gives you the option to easily forward the logs to third parties for further analysis.

Rsyslog server of 0x4447 with Kinesis forwarding

0x4447 creates products that promote uniformity and security in AWS organizations while designing them to be easy to maintain and fault tolerant.

Rsyslog product of 0x4447

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This product is the Rsyslog project’s interpretation and custom configuration of 0x4447, allowing you to collect logs from your AWS VPC over SSL and stream them to an existing Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose stream for further analysis.

Moreover, the solution aims to ensure that no personalized data is lost. This means that if the instance is accidentally terminated, you can roll back to the original configuration, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

How it works

If you already have a dataflow established in your AWS account, all you need to do is provide the name of the flow at deployment time, and the logs will automatically be routed to the dataflow.

Additionally, 0x4447 provides an additional bash script for auto-configuring EC2 instances. The scripts automatically configure the server taking into account all best practices and allow a cloud engineer to quickly configure pre-existing servers or automate the configuration of new ones.

There are no strict restrictions on the number of clients that can connect to the server. Instead, you are primarily limited by the bandwidth capabilities of the EC2 instance. If you need additional bandwidth, change the instance type to a larger one by updating the CloudFormation file.


  • Easy to use and made easy for beginners

  • Provides clear documentation

  • The team can deploy the product with you if you are inexperienced

  • Free training and 24-hour support

  • Easy Refund System Policy

0x4447’s Rsyslog server protects and maintains the security of your AWS organizations by having a well-designed setup that allows you to reduce your logging costs. The product also gives you the option to forward the logs to third parties, thanks to the Kinesis Firehose integration. Freeing you to analyze your logs with your favorite services.

Additionally, Rsyslog Server undergoes regular CVE scans, and if any flaws are discovered, fixes are released as quickly as possible. If you use the CloudFormation file to configure the Rsyslog server from 0x4447, you should be able to use it within 3 minutes.

The company also has an evaluation program that can help your team test the product for free for months to see how well it integrates with other tools. But if you want to get started right away, you can find more on the Rsyslog Server product page.

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