Incap India wins the prestigious ELCINA award

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Incap Corporation Press release September 21, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. EEST

Incap Corporation: Incap India wins the prestigious ELCINA Award

Incap Contract Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd has received the prestigious award from the oldest and largest industry association ELCINA. Incap has been selected for the ELCINA Special Jury Prize for “Excellence in Make in India by an EMS Company” for 20212022.

The award was presented to the company during the award ceremony on September 20 at the EROS Hotel in New Delhi. Murthy Munipalli, Managing Director of Incap India, said that the company is very honored to be recognized by India’s most prestigious and prominent industry association that promotes the electronic hardware and IT sector/ manufacturing since 1967.

“This is the first time that Incap has received this award and we are very proud of it. I am grateful to all team members at our Tumkur factories for this achievement as well as ELCINA for noticing our efforts towards the success we have achieved so quickly, especially in the past few years. Even though times around the world are changing and challenging, we are heading towards even stronger growth for our business,” Munipalli said. He also pointed out that the company’s recognition and results are received thanks to Incap’s great cooperation with Tumkur’s partners, customers and local community. “We exist together and we support each other.”

ELCINA has been awarding annual awards since 1976 to organizations in the electronic hardware and services industry in India. In addition to special jury awards, these awards recognize outstanding work in the areas of R&D, exports, quality, business excellence and environmental management. Awards for excellence in innovation, PCB manufacturing and start-ups have been introduced in recent years. While presenting the award to Incap India, the jury recognized Incap for its outstanding achievements in electronics manufacturing services with the tripling of sales over the past two years and the rapid growth of job creation opportunities in over the past five years, rising from around 800 to over 2,000 in 2022.

The award committee was also deeply impressed by the rapid expansion of manufacturing output achieved by Incap and its 90% export to developed markets. The committee also took note of Incap’s upcoming expansion plans by investing in a new facility.

Incap India’s factories are located in Tumkur, near Bangalore. The factories have deliveries all over the world. In India, Incap specializes in the manufacture of electronic products and enclosures, having a long experience, especially in power electronics. The plant produces inverters and inverters, circuit boards for fuel and cash dispensers, power supplies, backup devices, solar inverters, drives and medical devices, as well as devices for d other electronic industrial products. The machines are suitable for common component technologies, and with the excellent location and skilled staff, Incap can provide high quality manufacturing services to meet the most demanding customer needs. Incap India’s customers are global electronics manufacturers who may be based in Europe but have production facilities in Asia.

The two factories in Tumkur have a total floor area of ​​18,000 square meters. Modern facilities allow fast and flexible manufacturing of different types of products. To meet growing demand, Incap has increased its production capacity in India and is investing in a third factory, scheduled to open in late 2022. The third factory will add an additional 8,500 square meters to production capacity. .


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Mr. Murthy Munipalli, Managing Director of Incap CMS Pvt Ltd, tel. +91 98802 31431
Mr. Otto Pukk, President and CEO of Incap Corporation, tel. +372 508 0798

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Incap Corporation is a trusted partner and full-service provider in electronics manufacturing services. As a global EMS company, Incap supports clients ranging from large multinationals and mid-sized companies to small start-ups in their complete manufacturing value chain. Incap offers state-of-the-art technology supported by an entrepreneurial culture and highly qualified personnel. The company is present in Finland, Estonia, India, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong and employs around 2,500 people. Incap’s stock has been listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd stock exchange since 1997.

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