Latest brawl at Dodger Stadium proves organization must intervene



The Los Angeles Dodgers claimed their second straight victory on Saturday, as Cody Belinger, who has spent more time on the injured list than in the roster this season, beat a home run to center the field at the bottom of the ninth to lower the Cubs.

While it was Bellinger’s exploits ultimately that brought the Dodgers back to the winning column, the combined efforts of the pitching staff cannot be ignored. Julio Urias poked up 12 batters in 5.1 two-run innings, and the relieving box allowed just two hits the rest of the course.

You’d think a full performance would be enough to keep Dodgers fans happy, right? In theory, yes, most fans were probably excited to witness another walkout.

Like any fan base, however, there are always a few crazy people out there who have to screw it up for everyone. Whether this ugly scene materialized before or after Bellinger’s match winner (likely before) is unknown, but it remains unsettling nonetheless.

For what appears to be the fifth time in his season, another brawl broke out at Dodger Stadium on Saturday. What was the size of the scrap? Well let’s just say it involved so many people that it’s next to impossible to decipher what’s really going on in the video.

Either way, the Dodgers have to step in one way or another.

Brawls at Dodger Stadium start to get routine at this point.

Nature Could Heal in the sense that many stadium brawls have been filmed across MLB this season, but the rate at that these scrums erupt at Dodger Stadium can only be described as alarming.

It’s almost as if fans know they can start fights and apparently don’t hesitate to do so because the Dodgers’ safety squad isn’t the best.

About two months ago, footage showed members of the security team standing like statues as a guy was banged against the sidewalk outside the stadium.

It is currently unclear what sparked Saturday’s feud, but a fan on social media who claimed to be present said it was not between rival fans. On the contrary, security told him that someone had been sent off for throwing a ball into the field.

As security escorted this fan, a crowd of fans sprayed the security with garbage. These clowns were rightly told to go and it eventually erupted into a fan-against-safety melee.

We don’t know what to believe. What matters is that security seemed to have everything under control before something too bad took place.

However, it is far a silver lining. Seriously, how many more disturbing videos have to go viral before the organization takes action? It’s obviously easier said than done, but something needs to be applied before fans start normalizing (if they haven’t already) by initiating fights during and after matches.

Enough is enough.


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