Lion Air Group and Saber Corporation announce renewal of partnership –


Lion Air Group and Saber Corporation announce renewal of their partnership

In 2016, Southeast Asia’s leading low-cost carrier, Lion Air, selected Saber Corporation to provide an end-to-end crew management and air operations platform that would enable the airline optimize daily flight operations while reducing costs amidst a boost for regional growth.

In return, Saber Corporation offered its Saber AirCentre operations and crew platform, which included cutting-edge technology such as aircraft tracking and a next-generation crew management platform.

These advancements also included matching and alignment solutions that simplify crew planning processes and improve crew productivity for the airline.

Kamal Qatato, vice president of Saber, said of the new partnership: “Through a unified operations platform, we will help Lion Air to consistently meet customer expectations and one-off commitments while creating a higher efficiency and lower operating costs. “

Regarding why Lion Air chose Saber Corporation, Edward Sirait, CEO of Lion Air Group, said, “As we experience rapid route and network growth within the Lion Air group of airlines, Saber’s unique end-to-end platform matches the breadth of our needs. Sirait also added that the partnership would be beneficial for the airline to “streamline operations while creating efficiencies and cost savings across the five airlines”.

It would appear that both sides have been happy with the partnership so far, as Saber Corporation made an announcement on Tuesday regarding the extension and improvement of a deal with Indonesian group Lion Air to allow its airlines to fire. get the most out of each seat by increasing its ancillary revenue capabilities and improving its performance with technology.

Based in Southlake, Texas, Saber Corporation helps provide retail, distribution and fulfillment solutions to help customers operate more efficiently.

“We are delighted to affirm and strengthen our long-standing relationship with Lion Air Group as part of an agreement that demonstrates the group’s confidence in Saber to provide the advanced solutions necessary to enable its airlines to capture the market recovery, consolidate its leadership position in the Indonesian market and drive future global growth, ”said Rakesh Narayanan, vice president of travel solutions sales at Saber.

“The Lion Air Group is one of the largest entities in the global aviation market with evident rapid expansion, particularly over the past two decades,” said Datuk Chandran Rama Muthy, Group Strategy Director at Lion Air Group.

Lion Air Group and Saber have a long-standing and valuable relationship, with the carrier already utilizing Sabre’s SabreSonic sales and customer service as well as a suite of crew management, operations and planning solutions to help optimize day-to-day functions, reduce costs and plan strategically across the Lion Air group.

In addition, the airline group also uses Saber’s GDS platform for the worldwide distribution of its inventory.

The extension of the partnership allows the Lion Air group to consider potentially adding an additional set of Saber omnichannel tools to its technology toolbox.

Additional ancillary revenue optimization solutions will provide end-to-end capabilities to create and market ancillary offerings across all channels, including tiered seat pricing, and facilitate payment and provision of ancillary services across the group. of airlines.

This will provide significant opportunities to increase revenue through the sale of these services through partner carriers, as well as allow Lion Air Group to sell add-ons upon check-in.

Saber will also provide advance purchase capabilities for more accurate purchase results and enable self-service features complementing automated redemption and refund capabilities, as well as the automation required to reinstall accessories for new flights after. an interruption.

In the same announcement, Narayanan said, “Now more than ever, having the right technology is essential to enable a well-implemented ancillary services strategy to get the most out of every seat, while ensuring what the changing needs and wants of every traveler can be met.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has led to the introduction of new rules and regulations and has changed the way a typical customer service experience unfolds, with face-to-face interactions being limited for everyone’s safety.

To ensure that its customer service experience for passengers is not compromised, Lion Air Group will also use Saber’s digital workspace to enable faster processing of passenger inquiries, including using its tablet version to providing personalized customer service remotely, far from traditional control. in, door office or workstation.

Additionally, the group will use Saber Digital Connect, a comprehensive, micro-service-enabled API hub, to power e-commerce capabilities.

“The Lion Air Group’s 21-year relationship with Saber and this renewed agreement with Saber means that we can continue to optimize our day-to-day operations and distribute content globally through Saber’s SCM, while still being able to focus on modernizing our ancillary revenue capabilities. as we look forward to playing a key role in resuming travel to our markets, ”said Muthy.

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