National organization publishes letter expressing concerns over resignation of ODU professor

NORFOLK, Virginia – Last week, Dr. Allyn Walker, an assistant professor at Old Dominion University who came under fire following a controversial interview where they defended non-delinquent pedophiles, announced he would resign from his post. position when the contract expires in May 2022..

Walker, assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice, will remain on leave until that date.

In an interview with the Prostasia Foundation regarding their book, “A Long Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity”, Walker concluded that it is “never okay to abuse a child”, but argued that there is no morality attached to attraction to children until it is exploited.

Walker’s comments caught the nation’s attention and they were put on leave after reactions to their research and book raised concerns for their safety and that of the campus.

Now, the American Association of University Teachers (AAUP) has issued an open letter raising concerns about the events that led to Dr. Walker’s resignation.

In the letter, the nonprofit said: We are writing this open letter to publicly share our concerns about the events leading up to the joint decision between Old Dominion University and Dr Allyn Walker to resign Dr Walker from their post. as an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice. We mourn the loss of our dear colleague and call for explicit and immediate improvements in communication, due process and the protection of academic freedom by the administration at the helm of Old Dominion University. “

The letter goes on to list the timeline of events beginning when Dr Walker shared a detailed note that describes how Dr Walker’s book could be misinterpreted and provides talking points to refute any misconceptions. The timeline ends with the Office of Academic Affairs sending a message to all faculty (see Appendix C) outlining their vision for academic freedom and its scope. “There are other key events involved in rushing the most recent joint decision announced on November 24, but these moments are the most critical from our perspective,” said AAUP.

In part of the letter titled ‘Due Processus’, the AAUP said:’ Old Dominion faculty, staff and students, as well as the public, have a lot of work to do to ensure that we create all the safe conditions for the pursuit of university studies. freedom and explain its value to the communities our institutions serve. An essential element in maintaining academic freedom is due process. Without transparent due process, commitments to hire and retain diverse faculty and support controversial social justice research that appear in the “ONE Virginia for Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan,” signed by President Hemphill in the summer of 2021, will continue to be compromised. “

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