National organization supports SA Group efforts to reduce gun violence by partnering with hospitals

SAN ANTONIO – A national organization known for helping 85 communities across the United States develop partnerships with hospitals to reduce violence is helping Stand Up SA establish its own program.

Two San Antonio hospitals will be turned into violence prevention centers this spring.

Stand Up SA is working with the Health Alliance for Violence Intervention, or HAVI, to begin a partnership with University Health and Brooke Army Medical Center, two trauma centers, to establish a program to help the nonprofit organization connect with gunshot victims.

Fatimah Loren Dryer, CEO of HAVI, said the program is just part of a larger ecosystem of programs working together to address violence. She says that because people who are injured after often being involved in crimes, an interception by hospital-based intervention programs shows a 40% reduction in the number of victims who will be shot again at a later date.

“These people have been deeply traumatized again, are very marginalized by many different kinds of systems. They don’t trust the systems, and our job is to reach out to them and provide them with the care and support they need to transform their lives,” Dryer explained.

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Derek Taylor, program manager for Stand Up SA, hopes the community can do what about 85 other cities across the United States are already doing, reaching the victims of the shootings.

“If we reduce the shootings in the community, if we turn some people around and make them positive instead of negative people in the community, that’s a success for us,” he said.


Stand Up SA to Launch First Gun Violence Prevention Efforts in Texas Hospitals

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