Nonprofit World for Ukraine donates nearly $1 million in supplies to Ukraine with help from locals

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — Since launching local nonprofit, The World For Ukraine, the group has raised $998,000 in medical supplies, toiletries, clothing and more. The group sent this to civilians and soldiers in Ukraine through trusted sources.

Anastasiia Sliuraneko, one of the founders of The World for Ukraine organization, started the group to help save lives.

Millions of lives must be saved,” she said.

Sliuraneko said people here are having an impact in Ukraine. Every donation, social media share and participation in the rally allowed them to focus on the substantive details.

To be able to be even more productive. Every little bit counts,” Sliuraneko said.

Ukrainian soldiers have received the supplies sent, but they still need medical supplies like tourniquets and clothes like shoes.

“They need more, {the} boys need to be saved today,” she said.

Anastasiia referred to soldiers fighting for their lives, their families and their land. At present, soldiers sheltering in a steel plant in Mariupol are trapped in the rubble of the building after Russian forces attacked it.

“Now they’re just…buried alive.” They need help from all over the world just to be evacuated,” said Anastasiia Sliurankeo.

She said you can help in many ways.

“People can talk to their local governments,” she said.

Another way is to participate in fundraisers. The next fundraiser will take place on Sunday, May 22. It will be held at the Tidal Creek Brewhouse from 3-8 p.m. There will be Ukrainian music, food, educational activities and more. All money earned will go to the non-profit group to send more supplies.

Anastasiia said community support is not taken for granted.

“From the Ukrainian community, from Ukrainians at home, a huge thank you. We are grateful for the American support,” she said.

You can also help by signing a petition, donating, or volunteering through the group’s website.

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