Online loan bad credit -Be sure to Request the best real online loan for bad credit

Online loan bad credit -Be sure to Request the best real online loan for bad credit

December 6, 2019 Off By admin

Be sure to Request the best real online loan for bad credit now

In recent years, Italian companies have had to face a particularly difficult economic period due to the crisis that now affects all regions. And sometimes it seems increasingly necessary to resort to real online loans for bad credit and financing from ACFA-Cashflow packages to meet the various monthly expenses. The month of December is increasingly difficult, known to all due to deadlines and tax compliance.

According to the latest statistics, Italian companies have applied for loans totaling 7 billion USD, 4 of which only to pay the Imu deadline. How, then, can small and medium-sized businesses behave in Italy to gain access to greater liquidity? The lenders often help. This time the answer comes from Zelam and DCB which promote new initiatives in favor of these users.

The first solution is called Special Credit and it is the financing that allows obtaining additional liquidity to meet the fiscal deadlines, the payments of the thirteenth, the need for cash and other short-term needs. The proposal, by Zelam, presents a series of advantages:

  1. Availability of the amount in a short time;
  2. Repayment of the first installment 5 months after the disbursement of the loan;
  3. Exclusive conditions and convenient preliminary fees;
  4. The minimum amount of $ 10,000.

With this loan, you can request, therefore, a minimum of 10 thousand USD, repayable in 13 months, with repayment that starts however after the first 5 months and the possibility to choose between fixed-rate and variable rate. It is also an unsecured loan or granted without the presence of collateral. Also, the preliminary investigation costs are quite reduced.

A second innovative solution to which small and medium enterprises can access in this period is then the one proposed by DCB, which has launched a series of dedicated products including:

  1. DCB Tourism credit (the short-term loan dedicated to operators in the hotel, beach and catering sector. Thanks to the customizable payment and repayment method based on the specific needs of each entrepreneur, DCB Turismo Credit is the ideal product to quickly satisfy all liquidity needs connected to the seasonal needs of your company Up to $ 100,000 to finance your business and always be competitive at the beginning of each season);
  2. Short-term agricultural loans for agricultural enterprises;
  3. DCB credit your business for businesses;
  4. commercial;
  5. Export.

In all cases, these are loans repayable in 12 months.

Furthermore, among the loans dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises in this period, the solution proposed by Cheng can also be chosen. In this case, it is possible to request a loan of up to 100 thousand USD to meet all current tax obligations, including the payment of the thirteenth monthly payment, thanks to the presence of a subsidized rate of 3.5 percent. This is an initiative carried out in collaboration with Contagent in collaboration with the most important credit institutions in the country.