Award ceremony for the best business school


Prominent psychiatrist and founder of the MS Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation C. Ramasubramanian said an award would be given to the best corporate school that seriously strives to put the emotional well-being of students first, in the part of the Happy Schooling 2.0 program while addressing a group of corporate school directors who have received psychological first aid training to help students.

The Happy Schooling program was launched in 2018 by Madurai Corporation in 24 of its schools, with support from the HCL Foundation and MSCT & RF, to promote academic excellence and the emotional well-being of students.

During the three-year period, he succeeded in sensitizing 13,500 students and over 500 teachers in the Corporation’s schools to mental health. As an extension program, Happy Schooling 2.0 was recently launched to raise awareness about mental health in all schools operated by the Company. It will focus on literacy, training and intervention at 4 levels: school leaders, teachers, students and parents.

As part of its first meeting on Saturday, the directors of 59 company schools received training in psychological first aid.

G. Gurubharathy, director of the MS Chellamuthu Institute of Mental Health and Rehabilitation, who led the session, said: “As schools have opened after the pandemic, students may face transition stress. . We train teachers to help students deal with this stress. Psychological first aid training provides them with advice on how to identify and pay attention to students who appear to be in distress. If they identify such children, they can bring them to our attention and we will help them.

Dr Ramasubramanian said mental health is a very important aspect in the 21st century and especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. He said the pandemic has affected us all psychologically. Students may be stressed or face issues such as phone addiction during this time. Teachers need to understand their students’ behavior and bring them to our attention when they need help. A better school that makes serious efforts for its students through this program will receive a prize. ”

He also said there was a plan to offer interested corporate school teachers the opportunity to take degree courses on the board.

Schools and teachers can contact the helpline 93754 93754 to seek help from a team of counselors if students are facing mental health issues.

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Adobe Systems Incorporated, Quark Software, Founding Group of Peking University, Wuhan Mengtai Technology – Eudaemonia

JCMR Provides the information on the Composition Software market size and market trends along with the factors and parameters affecting it in the short and long term. The study provides a 360 ° view and insight, outlining key industry results. This information helps business decision makers formulate better business plans and make informed decisions for improved profitability. In addition, the study helps venture capitalists better understand companies and make more informed business decisions. Some of the key players in Composition Software Market are: – Adobe Systems Incorporated, Quark Software, Peking University Founder Group, Wuhan Mengtai Technology, Beijing Heima Feiteng Technology, MAP Systems, Techosoft,…
Access examples of @ pages:

Composition software data collection matrix

Perspective of composition software Primary search dialing software Dialing software Secondary search
Supply side
  • Composition software manufacturers
  • Technology distributors and wholesalers
  • Reports and publications from typesetting software companies
  • Composition software Government publications
  • Composition software Independent surveys
  • Composition software Economic and demographic data
Demand side
  • Composition software end user surveys
  • Consumer surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Composition software Case studies
  • Dialing software reference customers

Important Features In Offer and Highlights of the Dialing Software Report:

1) What all companies are currently described in the dialing software report?
Here is the list of players currently presented in the report: Adobe Systems Incorporated, Quark Software, Peking University Founder Group, Wuhan Mengtai Technology, Beijing Heima Feiteng Technology, MAP Systems, Techosoft,…

** List of companies mentioned may vary in final report subject to name change / merger etc.

First-time buyers will receive 10% personalization on reports. Read the detailed index of the full research study at @

2) Can we add or profile a new company in the composition software industry as per our requirement?
Yes, we can add or profile a new business according to customer’s needs in the report of the dialing software. Final confirmation to be provided by the research team depending on the difficulty of the survey and the availability of data.

** Data availability will be confirmed by research in the case of a private company. Up to 3 players in the composition software industry can be added at no additional cost.

3) What did all the regional segmentation of typesetting software cover? Can a country of specific interest be added?
Currently, the Computing Software research report pays special attention and focus on the following regions:
North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific etc.

** A country of specific interest may be included at no additional cost. For the inclusion of a more regional segment, the quote may vary.

4) Is the inclusion of additional segmentation / composition software possible?
Yes, inclusion of further segmentation of the market composition / allocation software is possible subject to data availability and difficulty of the survey. However, a detailed requirement should be shared with our research before giving the final confirmation to the client.

** Depending on needs, delivery time and quote will vary.
Research methodology

JC Market Research employs a comprehensive and iterative deviance minimization research methodology to provide the most accurate composition software estimates and forecasts possible. Experts in the Composition Software industry use a combination of bottom-up and top-down approaches to segment and estimate quantitative aspects of the market. Additionally, a recurring theme in all of our research reports is data triangulation which examines the market from three different perspectives. Critical elements of the methodology employed for all of our studies include:

Preliminary composition software data mining

The data of the Coarse Computing Software market is obtained and gathered on a wide front. Dialing software Data is continuously filtered to ensure that only validated and authenticated sources are considered. In addition, data for the typesetting software is also pulled from a multitude of reports in our repository, as well as a number of reputable paid databases. For a comprehensive understanding of the composition software market, it is essential to understand the complete value chain and in order to facilitate this; we collect data from raw material suppliers, distributors as well as buyers.

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Statistical composition software template

Our Computing Software market estimates and forecasts are derived from simulation models. A unique model is created to measure for each study of the composition software. The information gathered on the composition software market dynamics, technology landscape, application development, and price trends are fed into the model and analyzed simultaneously. These compositional software factors are studied on a comparative basis and their impact on the forecast period is quantified using correlation, regression and time series analyzes. The composition software market forecast is made through a combination of economic tools, technological analysis, industry experience, and domain expertise.

Econometric models are generally used for short-term forecasting, while technology market models are used for long-term forecasting. These are based on an amalgamation of the compositional software technology landscape, regulatory frameworks, economic outlook and business principles. A bottom-up approach to market estimation is preferred, with key regional markets analyzed as separate entities and the integration of data to obtain global composition software estimates. This is essential for a thorough understanding of the typesetting software industry and to ensure a minimum of errors. Some of the parameters taken into account for the forecast include:

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Contact us:-


Mark Baxter (Business Development Manager)

Telephone: +1 (925) 478-7203

E-mail: [email protected]

Connect with us at – LinkedIn

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Is forming an LLC worth it? : Caribbean News from South Florida

So you want to start a business, eh? Well, this is great! You are about to embark on an exciting journey. However, before you jump right in, there are a few things you should know. One of them is the decision whether or not to start your own LLC. When you are starting a small business and deciding on the level of protection you need for yourself and your business, the answer is often “a lot”. This article will show why setting up an LLC might be worthwhile for your new business.

What is an LLC?

A limited liability company is a form of entity that protects the personal property of its members. LLC offers more protection than a sole proprietorship or global partnership because it does not have one, but two levels of legal entities: one for the company and another for the natural persons who own the company.

LLCs protect both the personal property of owners and the business, making it much easier to recover from a lawsuit.

Why you should form an LLC

Incorporating a limited liability company can be an attractive option for the sole proprietor who wishes to limit personal liability or for owners of small businesses with multiple shareholders. Many guides suggest that you should start an LLC, however, it is important to understand all the legal and financial implications before making this decision. Integrating your small business may seem like the next logical step in its growth, but there are many factors that you need to consider before deciding on this form of protection.

Benefits of forming an LLC
  • Limited liability – The LLC protects members from being held responsible for any liability that does not belong to them.
  • Unique property security – In a sole proprietorship, if you die or are injured and cannot work, your business ceases to exist. When there is more than one owner in an LLC, this risk is eliminated.
  • More tax advantages – You can write off more business expenses when you work as a sole proprietorship than if you were in an LLC. With an LLC, individual members are responsible for paying taxes on their share of “profits”, not just on the profits of the business.
  • Distribution of interest – The LLC allows each member to be allocated a certain number of “shares” in the company or even percentages. This allows more flexibility than a sole proprietorship and better ensures equitable income sharing.
Disadvantages of forming an LLC
  • Costs – Starting an LLC can be expensive. You will need to pay business fees, state filing fees, and paperwork fees.
  • Management structure – In order to maintain the benefits of a limited liability company, you must have management structures in place that separate decision-making between the general partners and the managers who are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations.
  • Financial needs – State requirements require that an annual report be filed with its corresponding state agency if you are an LLC.
When should you start your LLC?

Forming an LLC should only be done after you have explored other options and considered what is best for your business. You may want to train one if:

  • You’re a SME boss with several shareholders or do not want to share the profits between the partners but rather prefer to sell shares in your company.
  • You are a sole proprietor and wish to limit your personal liability.
  • You are looking for more tax advantages than that of a sole proprietorship.
How much will it cost to form an LLC?

It is difficult to give a precise figure for the incorporation cost your small business as it will depend on several factors.

The state you live in, and whether or not there are local taxes that apply. For example, California charges an annual fee when filing its articles with the office of the secretary of state.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting an LLC
  • What is your goal with this business?
  • What will the average profit be per year, and how much do you want to reinvest in the business?
  • How important should your personal income be before forming a sole proprietorship or LLC becomes more beneficial than just being a person working for yourself?
  • What’s your timeline?
  • Would you like to take on more personal responsibilities in the future, or would you rather just focus on managing day-to-day operations when necessary?

Forming an LLC is worth it

The decision to form an LLC should only be made after you have explored the options and considered what is best for your business. If you want to limit your personal liability, seek more tax benefits than a sole proprietorship, or just need help managing day-to-day operations when needed, then setting up an LLC may be worth it. !

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Biscayne Gardens incorporation election is scheduled for November 2


Will it be Miami-Dade County’s 35th municipality? The neighborhood of about 35,000 people known as Biscayne Gardens could become a municipality if voters decide the area should separate from the county’s municipal service area and form a local government.

Miami-Dade County Commissioners on Wednesday authorized a special election Nov. 2 for about 18,000 voters in the Biscayne Gardens neighborhood to decide whether the area should become its own municipality.

In an 11-2 vote, the county council agreed to let the residents of Biscayne Gardens decide whether stop paying the Miami-Dade Municipal Services Tax and instead form their own government with its own property taxes and budget. A majority vote on Nov. 2 would trigger a process to form the 35th Municipality of Miami-Dade on an area on either side of I-95, between North Miami and North Miami Beach.

County forecasts show the property tax rate would double in the new village of Biscayne Gardens, to $ 4 per $ 1,000 of assessed value on the less than $ 2 Miami-Dade charges outside of city limits for municipal services. The incorporation would also free Biscayne Gardens from direct county control, allowing locally elected leaders to make decisions on zoning, municipal spending and planning.

The years-long debate over incorporation has divided the 35,000 residents of Biscayne Gardens. Opponents warn of higher taxes and unnecessary duplication in government bureaucracy. Supporters predict a local government more responsive to the wishes of residents, especially on zoning and development decisions.

“I don’t think I need another board,” Leslie Miranda, a resident of the area, told commissioners ahead of the vote. “I am very satisfied with the services I receive. ”

Marvin Ramsey urged commissioners to let him and his fellow citizens decide whether they want to form a local government themselves. “Vote for democracy,” he said. “Let the people of Biscayne Gardens decide. “

Jean Monestime, the District 2 Limited Commissioner representing the Biscayne Gardens area, said the incorporation process began nearly 20 years ago when the county formed a task force to incorporate the area into 2003. “The hope is, after 18 years, to put voters before the voters,” he declared.

Other commissioners also celebrated the value of democracy by explaining their vote in favor of the referendum. But Commissioner Rebeca Sosa stressed that the same committee chose in December not to hold special elections to fill the committee seat left vacant by Daniella Levine Cava when she became mayor. Instead, the board appointed Danielle Cohen Higgins to the District 8 headquarters. The November special election in the Biscayne Gardens area will cost around $ 94,000, but would not incur an additional expense if it had. held in the summer of 2022 during county-wide elections.

“This commission decided not to spend taxpayer money on a special election,” Sosa said before joining Joe Martinez in the two-nays vote against the referendum. “When it comes to a regular election that doesn’t cost the public extra money, let the people decide. ”

Doug Hanks covers the Miami-Dade government for the Herald. He worked at the newspaper for almost 20 years, covering real estate, tourism and economics before joining the Metro office in 2014.
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NJ Telemedicine and Telehealth organizations must register with the NJ Department of Health

New Jersey recently finalized a regulation requiring all telemedicine or telehealth organizations providing telemedicine services to patients located in New Jersey to register with the New Jersey Department of Health (Department). before October 15, 2021.

Although initially proposed in April 2020, on August 16, 2021, the department quietly finalized its regulations on registration standards for telemedicine and telehealth organizations (Title 8, Chapter 53 of the New Jersey Administrative Code), putting and finally implement the provisions of the New Jersey Telemedicine and Telemedicine Act 2017. Telehealth Act (the Act). The law includes a section that requires every telemedicine or telehealth organization operating in New Jersey to register annually with the department and submit annual reports on activity and encounter data. However, until recent regulations were enacted, this legal requirement had little effect.


The regulations apply to all telemedicine or telehealth organizations providing service in New Jersey. In New Jersey, a “telemedicine or telehealth organization” is defined as “a corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company that is organized for the primary purpose of administering services under the telemedicine or telehealth ”.

Note that the New Jersey Telemedicine and Telehealth Organization website provides:

NEW JERSEY APPROVED ORGANIZATIONS, FACILITIES OR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REGISTER. . . . Thus, establishments approved by the Ministry and private medical practices with a physical location used for treatment in New Jersey are not required to register.

The ministry clarified in its response to public comments that “health facilities that simply use telemedicine or telehealth services in addition to in-person assessment and care services are not required to register or pay. registration fees. “


Under the new regulations, telemedicine or telehealth organizations must register with the department before providing telemedicine services to patients located in New Jersey. The Ministry will issue a registration for the entity if the following conditions are met:

  • The entity submits a complete and accurate registration request which is available on the Ministry’s Telehealth / Telemedicine (TH) request portal. The mandatory fields of the registration request include:

    1. Name of the telemedicine / telehealth organization;

    2. EIN (Employer / Tax ID) of the telemedicine / telehealth organization;

    3. Address of the telemedicine / telehealth organization;

    4. Doing business under the name (DBA), if applicable, for the telemedicine / telehealth organization;

    5. Full name, title, address, email address and telephone number of a contact person for the telemedicine / telehealth organization; and

    6. Name, address, email address and telephone number of a registered agent, if the telemedicine / telehealth organization is located outside of New Jersey;

  • The entity’s registration has not been previously suspended or revoked by the program (with reference to the certificate of need and the ministry’s health facility licensing program);

  • The entity pays a non-refundable fee of $ 1,500 when submitting the registration request; and

  • The entity is in compliance with registration regulations, law, any other applicable federal or state rule or law.

Registration is valid for one year and is subject to annual renewal of registration and fees. If any of the information provided by the registrant in the initial or renewal application changes, the registrant must file an amended request documenting the changes within five business days of the change in information. Registration is non-transferable and non-assignable, so any change in the legal entity operating the telemedicine or telehealth organization requires a new registration request and new registration fees.

If a telemedicine or telehealth organization intends to close or cease operations of a registration, the telemedicine or telehealth organization must first report the closure or cessation of operations to the ministry no later than 30 days before upon said closure or cessation. In addition, if a telemedicine or telehealth organization has voluntarily terminated a registration, that entity must submit a new registration request to resume telemedicine or telehealth services.

Application for non-compliance

All telemedicine or telehealth organizations providing services in New Jersey on or after August 16, 2021 must submit a registration request by October 15, 2021 (60 days from August 16, 2021), or cease providing services telehealth or telemedicine. Failure to register by October 15, 2021 will result in the enforcement actions set out in NJAC 8: 53-3.1, which include financial penalties and / or suspension, revocation or refusal to issue or renew the registration. of an organization.

Annual Report

Although not covered by the newly implemented regulations, under the Act, telemedicine or telehealth organizations are also required to submit annual reports on activity and encounter data.

The content of the reports will be specified in future regulations, but we know that the reports will include, at least, for each consultation: the race and ethnicity of the patient; diagnostic codes; evaluation management codes; and the source of payment for the consultation. The ministry will then compile the information into a statewide database.

You want to know more ?

New Jersey is not the first state to create a telehealth registry; In 2017, the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development created a special Telemedicine Business Registry for health care providers providing telemedicine services in the border state.

For more information on the New Jersey Telemedicine and Telehealth Act, 2017, read our summary here.

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Public works maps the yard of the company | Local News

At the Half Moon Bay Planning Commission meeting last week, the town unveiled plans for its new home for the Public Works Department, a business yard on the 21-acre lot at 880 Stone Road. Pine.

The proposed development will cost approximately $ 3 million and is intended to clean up the haphazard array of shipping containers and stored equipment as well as modernize the offices of Public Works employees. Much of the development centers on erecting a 6,750-square-foot spring structure, a 24-foot-tall, aluminum-framed, prefabricated building to store town tools and equipment.

Superintendent of Public Works Todd Seeley estimated the building could last 35 to 40 years. The city will construct a changing room and restroom inside the building, making the facility ADA compliant, Seeley said.

The first part of the project is expected to begin in spring 2022 and will consist of reconfiguring the two unpaved access roads into a wider two-way driveway. Public Works Director John Doughty said the proposed development was welcome to the town as it had struggled for “some time” to find an adequate yard for storage that was properly zoned and would not disturb residents.

“I think with the 880 Stone Pine property, we threaded the needle as best we could in the community,” Doughty told the Planning Commission on Aug. 24.

There are two environmentally sensitive areas on the property. The first is a pond on the north side of the property that has been identified as a breeding ground for California Red-legged Frogs, an endangered species protected by the federal government. The lot also borders Pilarcitos Creek and will require a riparian buffer zone for a wildlife corridor. Both of these factors mean the city will need a peer-reviewed environmental report under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Senior planner Doug Garrison said some of the issues outlined in a previous biological report would not apply to this development, as it took place before the city adopted its current coastal land use plan and refined the scope of development. Therefore, Garrison told the commission, the report required a 50-foot riparian buffer zone and a 100-foot buffer wetland. The new PUT includes potentially broader riparian buffer zone requirements. Specifically, the buffer zone should be 50 feet from the edge of riparian vegetation or 100 feet from the top of the shoreline stream, whichever is greater. The city hired SWCA environmental consultants to help with this process and conduct a peer review of the report.

The Public Works Department’s waste and recycling containers are currently in the middle of the riparian area, and Seeley said he plans to move them as soon as possible and get adequate stormwater drainage. Seeley described the current display of storage facilities as “unsustainable and unsightly.” Some of the steel containers are rusting or have holes in them.

Trees are another environmental factor. The city granted PG&E a coastal development permit to remove 11 trees located along the edge of Highway 92 from the lot while simultaneously asking them to fund 33 new trees on the property.

Last month, city council authorized spending of $ 184,500 to develop a three-phase construction plan to upgrade storage, road access toilets and fencing. A staff report notes the possibility of installing a 3.25-acre solar farm and community garden, but it’s unclear how much that would cost or when it might happen.

“With the conceptual design that we are looking at, it will be an advantage and an environmental benefit in terms of treating stormwater and removing elements from areas too close to the creek,” Doughty said.

The city has had a complicated history with ownership. In 2004, the city paid Nurserymen’s Exchange $ 3.1 million for the lot through an interest-free loan from the Peninsula Open Space Trust. Originally, the city intended to use the area as a new park and conceptualized plans for a soccer field and community garden. But those plans were scrapped in 2009 due to concerns about the rising costs of the proposed fleet. A design firm estimated a price tag of $ 14.5 million. POST kept the property while leasing the land to the city for the public works department.

POST announced its intention to sell in 2018 and prioritized the city. Last January, the city bought the land from POST, this time for $ 2.1 million. To make the payment, the city borrowed $ 3.2 million from the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank, or iBank, to pay for and develop the land. The city plans to repay the loan in annual installments of $ 160,000 over the next 30 years.

The city will reach out to surrounding neighbors and at some point hold a public hearing through the Planning Commission. Garrison called the project a significant improvement in the city’s public safety.

“It’s an important part of how we respond to an emergency,” he said. “It will be good to have it a little more organized and an all-season road. This fits into our policies in a number of ways.

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San Antonio organizations hold rally and denounce effects of bill on voting in Texas

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San Antonio activists, city leaders and community members joined a national call to action on protecting voters’ rights at a rally on Saturday at MLK Plaza.

“There is no more fundamental problem in our nation and in our local communities than protecting people’s voting rights and access to the ballot boxes,” San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said at the rally. March on for Voting Rights. “When it’s eroded as it has been by state law, that’s a reason for anyone to be concerned.”

The event – organized by the Bexar County Democratic Party and joined by more than 20 other local organizations – took place on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s historic speech “I Have A Dream” and as l The Texas Legislature was working to push forward a GOP elections bill that would restrict voting hours, expand the role of supporter poll observers, and add restrictions on postal voting.

In Washington, DC, thousands of people gathered at the National Mall to express their support for the expansion and protection of ballot access. On its website, March on for Voting Rights reported that rallies were also planned in cities like Atlanta, Miami and Phoenix.

“We haven’t finished at all. We always fight the same battles, ”Becky Brenner, a San Antonio resident who worked as a civil rights activist in 1960s Alabama, said at the East Side rally. “It takes a long time to change a society. It is neither quick nor easy. So, you just have to be persistent. As persistent as the forces on the other side are.

Brenner was one of some 150 to 200 people who gathered in the square on Saturday. Those present had the chance to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and to take care of the back-to-school vaccinations as part of a partnership between the organizers of the rally and the city.

“We chose this area because it’s our community and we do a lot of work there,” said Jessica Flores, lead organizer for Neighborhoods First Alliance. “The whole message is to (encourage) people to vote and defend their voting rights.”

The group sees transportation as one of the main constraints affecting the ability of locals to vote, Flores said. Some are skeptical of the impact of their vote, she added.

Democrats decried the GOP bill for the effect its restrictions could have on minority communities such as the East Side.

The bill, which has a chance of passing before the end of the 30-day special session on September 5, has been blocked for months by Texas Democrats, who left the opposition, denying Republicans the quorum in the Texas House. On Friday, the bill was passed by the House. It must now be considered by both chambers due to last minute changes.

Organizers hope the event not only educated attendees about what is happening at the community and state level, but also inspired them to take action and get involved.

“Our voting rights are under attack,” said H. Drew Galloway, founder and executive director of BRIDGE Movements, a civic engagement startup. “It will require all of us to stand up… ultimately, there are so many ways for us to take back and take power to lead the city and state in the direction we want to see it go. hui, this is the first step.

[email protected] | @DanyaPH

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The forestry department and the municipality of Manesar will sign a memorandum of understanding for the development of the biodiversity park in Kasan

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A year after Haryana Forestry Minister Kanwar Pal said the government would build a 100-acre biodiversity park at Kasan in Manesar, the district administration said on Friday that Manesar Municipality and the Department forests would sign an agreement to develop the project.

A year after Haryana Forestry Minister Kanwar Pal said the government would build a 100-acre biodiversity park at Kasan in Manesar, the district administration said on Friday that Manesar Municipality and the Department forests would sign an agreement to develop the project.

This was announced by Gurugram deputy commissioner Yash Garg, who was chairing a review of projects undertaken by the GuruJal company.

Narendra Sarwan, member secretary of the GuruJal company, said Garg had given instructions to agents from both agencies and asked them to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to this effect soon.

On August 16 of last year, Minister Pal said, “The park will benefit from the support and participation of the local community, especially since the panchayat lands are used for this. This will help restore green cover in the area, raise the level of groundwater, and also generate income for the local community.

During the review meeting, Garg also called on departments to coordinate with each other to expedite work on projects delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “All departments should aim to complete the 60 projects decided in January by December 31,” Garg said.

These projects mainly include the development of ponds and water bodies across the district and how different departments would finance these projects.

During the meeting, the issue of housing companies not setting up rainwater harvesting structures was also discussed. The administration said it would seek clarification from the affected residents’ welfare association in this regard.

The Deputy Commissioner was also informed that the Municipality of Gurugram has launched the tendering process for the construction of 230 additional rainwater harvesting structures in the district. At present, the company has put in place 403 of these structures, of which 60% of the clean-up work has been completed, said Sarwan.


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PGUSD officials are committed to healing and incorporating diversity lessons from racist displays. | New

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After three weeks of unrest in the Pacific Grove Unified School District over old racist social media posts featuring the president of the PG high school student body, who resigned on August 19, district officials have issued a statement in response to the situation and offered to incorporate lessons in equity and diversity throughout District K-12.

“We are supporters of diversity, equity and inclusion, and we strongly oppose racism, bullying and supremacy in all their forms,” ​​the statement said. “As a high school community, in particular, we need healing. We will work with staff, students and families over the weeks, months and beyond to ensure we continue to develop a culture where everyone knows they belong. “

The letter, addressed to the “PGUSD community,” was emailed on August 23 and posted under the announcements on the district website. It is signed by Superintendent Ralph Porras and PGHS Director Lito Garcia.

“Recent events in our school community have exposed issues that challenge the work we have done to foster a culture of equity and inclusion at the district level,” the letter opens. “The events themselves and the issues that have surfaced are sensitive and call for a deliberative process that we must all engage in so that we can begin to heal.

“We need to first think about what brought us to this point of restlessness, and then start to overcome the pain together so that we can eventually achieve a positive outcome for all of our school population, as well as for the students that we have. we serve. “

The “recent events” began with a petition launched on August 7 by Alexandra Ulwelling, junior of PGHS, calling for a recall of ASB president Anthony Biondi after the publication of social media posts describing him in the process of uttering the N word in a classroom in 2019 and a year later selfies of him holding a Confederate flag and dummy weapons. The posts were deleted, but not before other PGHS students saw and copied the posts.

Biondi was elected ASB president in May, and soon after, the video was made anonymous. Garcia emailed the families on May 28 outlining the administration’s response in general terms, without naming Biondi or going into exact details of the disciplinary action taken. (By law, student discipline is confidential.)

Ulwelling told the Weekly recently in August, she was waiting to see if Biondi would still hold a managerial position. When it became apparent after the start of the school year on August 5 that he would still be president, she created the petition which was signed by more than 625 people. (The petition was closed after Biondi resigned.)

As more people signed the petition and pressure mounted from community members, Biondi resigned on August 19, the same day as a regular PGUSD board meeting. He attended the meeting and read his resignation letter.

Three of the administrators and Porras – while not approving his actions – congratulated Biondi for coming and expressed frustration at communications from residents angry with the district for not taking stronger action and preventing Biondi from coming. become president. In turn, some community members said the district failed to protect other students who may have been hurt by the messages.

“We’re talking about how it affected him, but how did it affect all of the students of color who saw this video? Asked a young black woman. “We can say it’s great that he’s come here and talked, but he forced himself these actions, and lift him up and say ‘go ahead, I’m so happy for you’, that is a little insulting. “

Only one administrator, Carolyn Swanson, has called on the district to create new student policies and initiate equity and tolerance training for district council and staff.

In the letter, Porras and Garcia said they “intend to incorporate lessons about diversity and equity into all facets of our school community so that the transformation we collectively undergo becomes tangible.”

They said introspection is needed to “learn to identify our own weaknesses and begin to address them in a thoughtful, honest and process-oriented way.” They said the effort would start with staff, then students and eventually community members, and that they would reach out to “community partners” for resources and support.

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This is what the shareholding structure of Talis Biomedical Corporation (NASDAQ: TLIS) looks like

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The large shareholder groups of Talis Biomedical Corporation (NASDAQ: TLIS) have power over the company. Generally speaking, as a business grows, institutions increase their participation. Conversely, insiders often decrease their ownership over time. I generally like to see some degree of insider ownership, even if it’s just a little. As Nassim Nicholas Taleb said, “Don’t tell me what you think, tell me what you have in your wallet.

Talis Biomedical is not a large company by global standards. It has a market cap of US $ 212 million, which means it wouldn’t get the attention of many institutional investors. In the graphic below, we can see that the institutions are visible on the share register. We can zoom in on the different property groups, to find out more about Talis Biomedical.

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NasdaqGM: Distribution of the TLIS property 25 August 2021

What does institutional ownership tell us about Talis Biomedical?

Institutional investors typically compare their own returns to the returns of a commonly tracked index. They therefore generally consider buying larger companies that are included in the relevant benchmark.

Talis Biomedical already has establishments registered in the share register. Indeed, they hold a respectable stake in the company. This may indicate that the company has a certain degree of credibility in the investment community. However, it’s best to beware of relying on the so-called validation that comes with institutional investors. They too are sometimes wrong. If several institutions change their mind about a stock at the same time, you could see the stock price drop quickly. So it’s worth checking out the Talis Biomedical benefit history below. Of course, the future is what really matters.

profit and revenue growth
NasdaqGM: TLIS Profits and Revenue Growth Aug 25, 2021

Our data indicates that hedge funds own 52% of Talis Biomedical. This catches my attention as hedge funds sometimes try to influence management or make changes that will create short-term shareholder value. The company’s largest shareholder is Baker Bros. Advisors LP, with a 29% stake. ArrowMark Colorado Holdings, LLC is the second largest shareholder with 23% of the common stock, and Randal Scott owns approximately 6.7% of the company’s stock. Randal Scott, who is the third shareholder, also holds the title of member of the board of directors.

A more detailed study of the register of shareholders showed us that 2 of the main shareholders hold a considerable share of the ownership of the company, through their 52% stake.

Institutional ownership research is a good way to assess and filter the expected performance of a stock. The same can be achieved by studying the feelings of analysts. There are a lot of analysts covering the stock, so you can look at the expected growth quite easily.

Insider property of Talis Biomedical

While the precise definition of an insider can be subjective, almost everyone considers board members to be insiders. The management ultimately reports to the board of directors. However, it is not uncommon for managers to be board members, especially if they are founders or CEOs.

I generally consider insider ownership to be a good thing. However, there are times when it is more difficult for other shareholders to hold the board accountable for decisions.

Our most recent data indicates that insiders own a reasonable proportion of Talis Biomedical Corporation. It has a market capitalization of only US $ 212 million and insiders have shares worth US $ 22 million in their own name. It’s great to see insiders so invested in the business. It might be worth checking out if these insiders have bought recently.

General public property

The general public, with a 12% stake in the company, will not be easily ignored. While this property size may not be enough to influence a policy decision in their favor, they can still have a collective impact on company policies.

Private shareholders

With a 6.0% stake, private equity firms are able to play a role in shaping corporate strategy with an emphasis on value creation. Sometimes we see private equity sticking around for the long haul, but generally they have a shorter investment horizon and – as the name suggests – don’t invest much in public companies. After a while, they may seek to sell and redeploy the capital elsewhere.

Next steps:

It’s always worth thinking about the different groups that own shares in a company. But to understand Talis Biomedical better, there are many other factors to consider. Consider, for example, the ever-present specter of investment risk. We have identified 2 warning signs with Talis Biomedical, and understanding them should be part of your investment process.

Ultimately the future is the most important. You can access this free analyst forecast report for the company.

NB: The figures in this article are calculated from data for the last twelve months, which refer to the 12-month period ending on the last date of the month of date of the financial statement. This may not be consistent with the figures in the annual report for the entire year.

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