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Pink has proven to its detractors that it is anything but “irrelevant”. Her fiery anthem for women’s rights is already a bestseller.

The “What About Us” singer shared an update on her song’s performance on the iTunes charts, which said it was already number one in the United States, Canada and Australia. “We’ll it’s ironic,” Pink cheekily wrote“and really, thank you all.”

This is a major win for Pink as, prior to the song’s release, she announced that all proceeds from the song’s sales will benefit When We All Vote – the voting rights organization founded by former first lady michelle obama. The initiative aims to encourage all eligible voters to go to the polls and remove any obstacles that may stand in their way.

Pink wrote the impassioned song in response to the backlash surrounding her criticism of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, who made abortion a constitutionally protected right in 1973. She demanded that all supporters of the decision “never f*** listen to my music again,” which brought her into the crosshairs of opponents angry at abortion rights.

Critics slammed the Grammy winner and demanded she stay out of politics because her job as a singer is all about “shut up and sing.” Pink maliciously complied with their demands by releasing “Irrelevant”.

“As a woman with an opinion and the fearlessness to voice that opinion, it gets very tiring when the only retort is telling me how irrelevant I am. I’m relevant because I exist and because I am a human being. No one is off topic. And no one can take my voice away from me,” she said in a statement.

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