Politics and your money

Politics and your money

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Should you vote red or blue?

This year’s parliamentary election is the hottest topic that among other things. is discussed on TV, on the radio and on the Internet. It has been difficult to disconnect this year’s election spurt even if one has wanted to. Even those who are not interested in politics have been affected by the parties’ big campaigns in one way or another.

Here you see how your wallet is affected by the choice

Here you see how your wallet is affected by the choice

In 3 days you will decide who will govern Sweden. Have you been able to decide? Should you vote red or blue? Here you see how the choice affects your personal finances.

For a family with two children, the difference between the red-green and the blue is not so great when it comes to personal finances and how much money you have at the end of the month. In the example below, you can see that the difference between the different blocks will only be marginal SEK 25 and that the blue government is slightly better for the wallet.

This is how a single parent’s wallet is affected

Single parents with home-based children benefit from a red-green government when they receive SEK 225 more in their wallet each month.

This is how students’ finances are affected

This is how students

In the example below, students who borrow money get more in the wallet if the government remains in power. On the other hand, you get more over with a red-green government if you want higher contributions.

The reds promise the following if the country’s economy allows:

Higher child allowance of SEK 300 a month

Free dental care for young people up to 24 years

This is how the unemployment of the unemployed is affected

If you are unemployed but have previously had a monthly salary of SEK 20,000, you earn more money per month if it becomes a red-green government. In total, it will be SEK 760 more to move in this month.

This will affect people who have been sick for more than 1 year

For those who have been sick for at least a year, the difference in the wallet is great. With a red-green government, the person who has been sick for more than 1 year gets a total of SEK 870 more to move with (provided that the salary was SEK 25,000 before sick leave).

This is how a retirement couple is affected

Regardless of whether you vote blue or red, retirees will receive more money in your wallet next year. In the following type of households that are counted on in this case, pensioners are winning to vote for the red-green.

In this way, single pensioners are affected by housing allowance

Single pensioners with housing allowance receive more money if they vote red-green, but we can see in this example that the differences are marginal. Both blocks will allow pensioners to have higher income at their disposal.