Public Company Created to Bring Broadband to All of Erie County | Local news


“It’s open and transparent, but it’s more agile,” said Robert Murray, the outside lawyer working for the county on ErieNet.

The local development company would be tax exempt and better positioned to deal with regulatory issues, Deputy Budget Director Benjamin Swanekamp added.

The legislature voted 7-4, along party lines, to support the creation of the new corporate entity, with the Republicans-backed minority – who have long advocated for more rural broadband access – opposing the creating a new layer of county bureaucracy before more concrete details are shared on where the fiber lines will be laid.

“Without knowing more about the real project or the long-term implications of the PMA, I cannot, in good conscience, vote yes,” said minority leader Joseph Lorigo.

Buffalo District Lawmaker Howard Johnson, meanwhile, pointed out that Spectrum is the only game in town for most high-speed Internet users in Buffalo.

“We need competition,” he said.

Matt Crider, vice president of Rochester-based ECC Technologies, said the county would focus on an “intermediate network,” tracing lines from downtown Buffalo like a backbone to all parts of the county, but not directly connecting the service lines. at residents’ homes.


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