Resource list connects Uvalde to help, donors to organizations

Bridging the gap between grief and healing. An organization gathers resources both for the community of Uvalde and for those who want to help.

UVALDE, Texas – SJRC Texas is a child welfare agency that supports 27 counties around Bexar County and now supports Uvalde. The organization wanted to help Uvalde in the short and long term by providing help, hope and healing resources. has a comprehensive list of resources for the Uvalde community in one place so any support needed is easy to find.

“We decided to create a resource page and look at many support services, from how to donate blood to mental health support to food drives to everything it encompasses to help in a tragedy like this one,” said Tara Roussett, CEO of SJRC Texas. . “It’s sort of the one-stop-shop where people can go and see how they can be connected or how they can provide assistance, provide a resource, or receive a resource.”

Help is available now, but it also lists resources the community will need later.

“We serve the Uvalde community and they’re such a strong part of our entire organization and we’re here for them,” said Lauren Sides of SJRC Texas. “This is at least a first step among many measures that we will take to support the community of Uvalde. Not only now, but for many years.

“It’s going to take years and years to heal and recover,” Roussett said. “We want to be there every step of the way. We encourage people to stay involved and stay connected to the Uvalde community. We know it will be long term.

There are pages of ways to get and give help.

“Everything from mental health services and support to crisis counseling, food services, how to donate blood, where to donate blood, how to donate in a controlled way that goes directly to the Uvalde community,” said Roussett. “Just a host of services and it’s growing. As we assess the need, we want to make sure we have a way to meet that need in the community.

The list continues to grow and change as resources become available.

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