SC’s School Readiness Organization Provides Tools to Prepare Future Kindergarten Students

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (WCSC) — With children out of school for summer vacation, South Carolina First Steps has homework for parents of five-year-olds entering kindergarten.

With more than 50,000 students starting kindergarten this fall, the organization says it will serve the largest number of students ever.

This year, SC First Steps received over $950 million which they allocated to their Countdown to Kindergarten program.

This summer initiative offers a wide range of programs, including an intensive family engagement program. Through partnerships with local and elementary schools, teachers work one-on-one with families of new kindergarteners for five weeks.

The Countdown to Kindergarten program also includes online resources and tools to prepare for the next school year and in-person events across the state where families can get tips on getting their 5-year-olds ready.

Beth Moore, director of communications at SC First Steps, says there’s more to kindergarten readiness than people think, and it’s important to get off to a good start in your school career.

“Things like self-help skills, like brushing your teeth in the morning, being able to put your clothes on, being able to handle small objects like scissors and a pencil or pencil,” Moore says.

First Steps says they have spoken to many parents who are worried about their child’s development due to the COVID-19 pandemic holding children back. Moore says they believe this summer program will help children get excited about learning and prepare for the school year ahead.

“The ability to follow simple rules and instructions is really important in the kindergarten classroom and can be a little different from the environment you had at home growing up,” Moore says.

The next in-person event will be at Mingo Creek Academy in Georgetown on Friday.

Click here for a list of upcoming events and here for a link to the website for online resources.

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