Secretary of State’s office continues to freeze Clark County GOP documents


The Nevada Secretary of State’s office said it was continuing to freeze Clark County Republican Party-related filings to give more time for a court to settle a dispute between the party’s warring sects.

Kim Perondi, administrator in the secretary of state’s office, told former assembly member Stephen Silberkraus on Friday to confirm a court remedy by October 28. Silberkraus claims he is the party’s legitimately elected political director.

The letter follows a months-long power struggle between the clashing factions of the Clark County Republican Party and suspends filing of documents with the office that would change who is listed as the local party leader.

Jesse Law, who claims to be the legitimately elected county party chairman, said the letter would not prevent him from forming his organization.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said on Friday.

The factional dispute stems from a July meeting that ended without the election of new leaders. A few days later, a group recalled the meeting to complete the process and elected Law as chair.

The acting party leadership at the time viewed the meeting as fraudulent and filed a lawsuit against Law and others in August.

In the end, a judge dismissed the lawsuit with bias, saying she lacked jurisdiction in the matter.

Law said the order to launch the case made him the party chairman.

He said the secretary of state’s office told him it would lift the holdings on the documents and assign the legal entity to him.

Perondi told the Review-Journal on Friday that Law made the court order and his office was ready to close the case, but the opposing side contacted the secretary of state’s office and said the dispute over the responsible was not resolved.

She agreed with this assessment in Friday’s letter.

“The district court dismissed the case without reaching the question of who is currently entitled to serve as the officer and director of the Republican Central Committee of Clark County,” Perondi wrote.

Both sides claim they represent the true Clark County Republican Party and have held competing membership meetings.

Silberkraus said his camp was in charge because the party’s board did not recognize Law or his team as elected leaders. They plan to take further legal action.

In a text message on Friday, he said his team was confident they would win in court and that State Senator Carrie Buck, R-Henderson, would be declared the rightful local party chairman after the faction had her. elected last month.

Law maintains that he is the true chairman of the Clark County GOP because his team is recognized by the Nevada Republican Party. The state party sent a letter to the Secretary of State’s office on Friday asking it to register Law and his team as party officers.

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