South Florida organization helps Haitian migrants reunite with families – NBC 6 South Florida



A South Florida nonprofit has partnered with an organization in Texas to help Haitian migrants who have crossed the border reunite with their families here in the United States.

There is a group of Haitian migrants who were lucky enough to cross the Mexican border. Once they’re in the United States, nonprofits like Houston Haitians United host them in facilities to help them figure out what’s to come.

Lex Pierre, founder of the We Reach Foundation, has partnered with the Texas-based organization to help Haitian migrants reunite with their families across the Mexican border.

“They help them find their families, help their families buy tickets and, of course, give them food, water, a shower, and then bring them to the airport,” Pierre said.

Earlier this week, around 12,000 Haitian migrants were living under a bridge at the Mexican border.

Pierre says Haitian migrants from the facility have traveled long distances to get to this border.

“They all said the trip was in nine different countries. Walking, hitchhiking, greyhound buses, other mom and pop versions of the greyhound bus, and being under the bridge, and they tell me the conditions and the heat under the bridge at the border was torture and they are just happy to be here, “said Pierre.

But since Friday, there have been no Haitian migrants camped under the bridge, according to the Department of Internal Security.

Several non-profit organizations and churches have traveled to the border to help Haitian migrants. Many say they were devastated by the images of people and children living under a bridge and took action. NBC 6’s Kim Wynne reports


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