State agency provides grants to law enforcement

Education, public policy, law enforcement, engineering, and emergency response are at the heart of securing Missouri’s highways. That’s why the South East Coalition for Traffic Safety recently expanded grant opportunities to local law enforcement agencies.

Funding from regional grants is used to cover the cost of equipment with the aim of reducing the number of fatalities and serious injuries on the roads.

Last week, the Southeastern Coalition finalized its list of grant recipients and awarded more than $55,000 to support agencies in the 25 county area.

Three Texas County agencies received funding, including Cabool Police Department (rain jacket), Licking Police Department (radar), and Texas County Sheriff’s Department (radar).

“We are thrilled to give back to our communities and help 26 local law enforcement agencies lead Missouri toward zero road deaths.” said Ashley Metelski, representative of the South East Coalition for Road Safety. “These agencies are vital for emergency response in addition to law enforcement.”

Equipment awarded includes flare kits, medical trauma kits, portable breathalyzers, radars, raincoats and traffic cones.

For more information, call Metelski at 573-472-5885 or go online at

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