Technology for waste treatment plant on the agenda of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation House: The Tribune India



Tribune press service

Chandigarh, June 27

Eight development issues, including the purchase of breathing apparatus for firefighters and decision technology for the waste treatment plant, will be discussed at the MC House meeting on Tuesday.

The MC will decide to procure the long-awaited 44 sets of breathing apparatus (BA) for firefighters. According to MC’s records, all respirators are obsolete and have exceeded their four-year lifespan set by the Home Office. Most existing BA sets are over 10 years old and therefore unreliable for rescue operations and require immediate replacement. The finance and contracts committee in 2018 approved the proposal to buy 44 BA sets for Rs 46.81 lakh through online tenders. However, despite launching a tender on the government electronic marketplace five times, the MC did not finalize the offer.

Later, different companies submitted their new specifications. The total cost now goes to around Rs68.16 lakh. Since the cost has increased, the MC will need approval.

The set of devices is rescue equipment used by firefighters to rescue people trapped in an atmosphere of toxic gases.

MC House will also decide whether or not to host the annual Chrysanthemum Show in December. Due to the Covid, it did not take place last year.

Floating expression of interest for the operation and maintenance of Maloya Gaushala to carry out the development works at Mani Majra, paved on the internal roads of Sector 25, study visits of advisers to Delhi and Ambala to decide on the upgrade and maintenance of the waste treatment plant and other programs will also be filed.


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