Velatura HIE Corporation Announces Partnership with Findhelp to Deploy Social Assistance Solution to Midwestern and Nationwide Customers



Partnership to drive a coordinated delivery of social care; promote health equity in communities

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., November 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Velatura HIE Corporation (Velatura) today announced a new partnership with findhelp (formerly known as Aunt Bertha), the leading research and referral platform for social service organizations, to provide a safe, secure and efficient platform for participants to connect patients to social services. The newly formed partnership will enable Velatura’s HIE network to serve as a health data utility.

“Velatura wants to ensure that our healthcare providers and communities have the tools they need to support Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) initiatives in our service territories across the country,” said Angie Bass, Executive Vice President of Velatura. “The findhelp solution will enable our providers to access information about community resources, enabling them to connect patients with community organizations that will provide essential social care services to those in need.

Velatura healthcare providers will now have access to patient records with clinical and social care information provided either directly through an Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration or through the Velatura clinical portal. The platform’s geographic reporting and robust data sharing will enable providers and clinicians to better understand service demand and specific needs, as well as measure the success of SDoH initiatives and their impact at the community level.

“Findhelp’s SDoH platform was the clear partner in supporting our communities – consistent with the understanding that successful social protection programs require an open and focused network, a platform that supports integrations and interfaces from Application programming (APIs) and working with multiple vendors to solve problematic challenges, including closed-loop referrals between different recording systems for community organizations, ”Bass said. “Historically, there have been a number of challenges in accessing the data needed to accurately assess social programs and create social risk profiles. The partnership between findhelp and Velatura will enable HIEs to seamlessly integrate social care, paving the way for an interoperable social care sector.

Findhelp’s Social Care Network connects verified social care providers with people seeking help. Findhelp has a nationwide platform with over 552,700 program locations readily available to people in need in every zip code in America, providing millions of people with access to resources located across the United States. every year. The platform not only allows staff to easily find, connect and refer patients to social care programs, but it also supports and allows patients and community members to navigate a site on their own. public.

“Support services like the findhelp tool help reduce inequalities and disparities in health, and also lead to better health outcomes for patients,” Bass said. “Findhelp is a diligent partner who will support Velatura’s HIE network by supporting a network of community organizations through the EHR integration and running on the Velatura platform – a holistic approach to building trust with partners communities with a long-term and sustainable vision. “

Factors such as the conditions in which people live, learn and play affect a wide variety of health risks and outcomes. Up to 80 percent of a person’s health is defined by social determinants of health. While thousands of nonprofits and social service providers meet these needs, navigating the system for help is both difficult and time consuming.

“Findhelp started with a simple idea: every person and family should be able to find help with dignity and ease,” said Erine Gray, Foundhelp Founder and CEO. “Now, through our partnership with Velatura, we are able to do just that for thousands of community members in the Midwest and other Velatura affiliate territories. Findhelp provides HIE networks, health plans, hospital systems and community organizations with the tools and information they need to deliver the right services in the right places, enabling them to do more with less.

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About Velatura
Velatura HIE Corporation is a consolidation of health information exchanges, community organizations and health information networks that have formally affiliated to achieve national economies of scale while simultaneously maintaining alignment of localized stakeholders. It aims to serve as a health data utility and data exchange network for public and private health care stakeholders by providing significant services, transformations and advancements to achieve public health, interoperability and superior patient experience. For more information or to find out more about Velatura HIE Corporation or its parent company, Velatura Public Benefit Corporation, visit

About Findhelp
Findhelp’s network connects people seeking help with the verified social care providers who serve them. Thousands of nonprofits and social service providers serve their communities. But for most people, navigating the system for help has been difficult, time consuming and frustrating. Too many Americans are suffering and they don’t need it. So at findhelp we have created a social support network that connects people and programs, making it easy for people to find social services in their community, for nonprofits to coordinate their efforts, and for clients. integrate social assistance into the work they are already doing. Today, findhelp serves millions of users and is used by most major healthcare plans, hospital systems, foundations, governments, and tens of thousands of community organizations (CBOs). To learn more about findhelp’s social network, please visit:


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