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Kochi: Kochi Corporation sent a note to the Kerala Judicial Officers Cooperative Society Limited to stop construction of a 15-storey building in Chalikkavattom near Vyttila indicating that part of the land on which construction was underway is a wet area.
The company, however, obtained a stay of the High Court order after about a week the memo was released and was allowed to continue construction on the land excluding the disputed area.
The company released the note on April 29 based on a complaint filed by Saleesh KS, a resident of Vyttila. According to the complaint, the company falsified income records to convert them to dry land before applying for a building permit and obtaining approval from the company.
Saleesh said 3.27 acres of the 33.90 acres where the 12,961 square meter building is under construction are wetlands.
“On the basis of the complaint, the authorities of the company carried out an inspection and discovered that the 3.27 ares fell under the category of wetlands. The authorities of the company obtained the building permit from the company and started construction with this fact hidden, ”said AR Padmadas, an adviser.
At the same time, members of the company’s office filed a complaint with the Palarivattom police, claiming that Padmadas and Saleesh forged documents to obtain a memo issued for stopping construction.
They alleged in their complaint that the duo attempted to blackmail the company for financial benefits.
Palarivattom police registered an FIR based on the complaint. “We received another complaint from the city councilor against the company. We are reviewing both complaints, ”said a police officer.
Company officials claimed the company issued the stop note without hearing them.
“The HC suspended the note on May 7 and gave us permission to continue construction on the land to the exclusion of the 3.27 ares. We bought 84 cents (34.90 ares) in various survey issues from the previous owner. There was an old building existing in the disputed area where a parcel business was operating, ”a company official said.
But he agreed that the disputed area is a wetland according to the Basic Tax Register (BTR).
“Of the 84 cents, 8 cents were shown as ‘Nilam’ (wetland) in the BTR. But a building was already there when we bought the land in 2018. It is not included in the database notified under the Kerala Preservation of Paddy Lands and Wet Lands Act 2008. It is presented as a garden with road access in the notification of fair value. issued by the government under the Stamp Act in 2010. Since a building already existed there, there was no difficulty in granting a building permit, ”he said.

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