World Fighting League reveals more details on new organization



The new World Fighting League has released further details regarding the compensation structure for its athletes.

With the intention of evolving and elevating the sport of MMA, the WFL plans to achieve its goals by mirroring the compensation structures used by other professional sports franchises like the NBA / NHL / NFL / MLB. The promotion intends to operate in a manner similar to a league-based franchise. Following the revelation by the UFC in a lawsuit that only 16% to 18% of the revenue share goes to fighters, the WFL is proposing an overhaul of the entire compensation structure for fighters.

According to the recent WFL press release, the company expects to pay athletes a 50% share of annual revenue. However, this comes after the company vehemently encouraged all participating fighters to form a union first.

The initial sports league setup includes guaranteed contracts, health insurance, end-of-career insurance, league minimum contracts, and a pension plan.

As part of the newly formed league, some of the most important details regarding the current roster can be found below.

* Four Conferences will be part of the league (North America, South America, Europe / Africa, Asia / Oceania).

* Each conference will be made up of at least eight teams and no more than 24.

* Each team will be made up of 24 athletes registered in the league, with three athletes per weight category.

Further details on the mysterious fighting organization can be found in our report which was released on September 15, 2021. Of course, news of a potential ongoing organization is welcome for all fighters.

As more details emerge on the exciting WFL promotion, will keep you posted on its most recent development!

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